Kumkum Bhagya 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Prachi readies the cabin for Akshay


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The episode starts with Payal saying to everyone that Prachi is lying. Prachi says it’s your house’s Cctv footage then how can it be a lie? Payal says Prachi trying to frame her. Prachi says she has another proof and shows her the bank statement. She asks Payal to stop lying and you wanted to arrest Ranbir on a fake case so that you can steal more money from company funds. Payal gets angry at Prachi for ruining her planning and hardwork and raises her hand at Prachi. Ranbir holds Payal’s hand. Payal says she won’t leave them. The NGO woman warns Payal to stay within limits as she proved wrong and they try to apply ink on Payal’s face. Ranbir stops the Ngo woman. He says he doesn’t want Payal to lose her job but he wants her to earn in a good way. He says he wants to take back the case. Tanya says she recorded everything so there won’t be any case on him. The Ngo woman and press people apologise to Ranbir and leave.

Prachi tells Ranbir that he should have told truth to everyone before. Ranbir says you are saying this, who didn’t tell me the truth and expect me to tell the truth. Prachi gets angry and leaves. Ranbir realises he did wrong. He goes behind Prachi and he thanks Prachi for saving his reputation on time. Prachi says she did it to support the truth and she may do the same to others too if they are in his place. Ranbir looks on. Prachi leaves. Ranbir thinks if he is no one to Prachi.

Ashok waits for Prachi. He asks Priya where is Prachi as you said you saw in the parking 30m back. Priya says she saw Prachi only. Prachi comes there and apologizes to Ashok for the late Nd tells him that she went to prove someone’s innocent. Ashok asks her to leave it and asks Prachi to make Akshay’s cabin ready as he is returning. Prachi says she will take care of it and leaves. Subhash asks Ashok if he is scared of his son. Ashok says Akshay is strict so I’m worried for my employees and if he didn’t like anything then he may fire you guys.

Prachi sees Akshay’s call. She thinks he might call me to ask why I didn’t come to pick him up but I don’t that he is coming. Priya comes there and asks Prachi to come with her. Prachi sees the cabin and sets it. Priya asks if it’s not good. Prachi tells Priya that their boss’ son is like him. Priya asks how he looks. Prachi shows Akshay’s photo. Akshay makes an entry at Delhi airport. Priya says he is handsome. She asks Prachi if he has a girlfriend. Prachi says no idea. She asks Priya to concentrate on work. Ashok comes there and tells Prachi that Akshay may land at the airport and will call him here. Prachi says it’s good if he freshens up at home. Ashok says work is first to his son like him.

Some guy observes sneakily. He signs Akshay to his men. Akshay leaves hiring a taxi. The unknown guy and his men follow Akahay. On another side, Prachi goes to meet Khushi. Khushi feels happy seeing Prachi. Prachi says I love you Khushi. Khushi says I love mumma. Khushi asks what flowers she wants. Prachi asks her to give the flowers she likes. Khushi gives her. Laali comes there. She asks Prachi to meet her daughter when she is there. Prachi says she understands and says she bought her expensive sarees. Laali feels happy seeing them. Prachi gifts chocolates to Khushi. Khushi thanks her. Ranbir sees Prachi with Khushi and comes there. Prachi asks Laali to tell her decision soon. Ranbir comes there and asks what’s happening. Khushi feels happy seeing him and she says my Shiv and Paravati are here and introduces them to each other. Ranbir and Prachi look on.

Episode ends.

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