Kumkum Bhagya 30th April 2021 Written Update: Rhea apologies to Ranbir


Kumkum Bhagya 30th April 2021 Written Update on SerialGossip

Episode starts with Saritha asks Pragya to drink milk but Pragya denies. Saritha asks Pragya to share what’s disturbing her. Pragya says Tanu talked bad about Prachi Infront of me but I didn’t answered her because I know how to break her game plan. Saritha says tomorrow is court hearing right, I will pray to God and he will help us. Pragya says she wants to tell something to her. Saritha asks what’s the matter. Pragya says she is going to do something big but don’t want to reveal it until it gets done but tomorrow is big day which gonna decide our fate. Saritha says think about your good moments with Abhi and you can cross this tough phase with your courage and she goes to close the door. Pragya and Abhi misses eachother.

Ranbir sees Aryan in his room and asks what’s he doing in his room. Aryan says you engaged to Rhea in anger but your heart beats for Prachi right. Rhea gets angry hearing their convo. They notices Rhea and Ranbir tells her Aryan is joking. Aryan leaves from room. Rhea questions why he didn’t inform her that he was with Prachi. Ranbir says that’s accidental meet and I’m not fighting with you taking Prachi name and you know right Prachi don’t love me. Rhea asks if he loves Prachi. Ranbir asks Rhea to answer that question. Rhea says she don’t want him near Prachi. Ranbir tells her she can’t control his life. Rhea says I can control because we are engaged and she leaves from room.

Pallavi sprains her ankle. Ranbir asks her to show her ankle but she refuses to take his help. Ranbir says Prachi cares for her dad and you’re misunderstanding my version. Rhea says he can’t judge her love for her Dad. Ranbir asks what’s happening here? I went to Tanu’s place for chief and Prachi cane for her Dad and we met accidentally and their no mistake of Prachi in it. Rhea and Pallavi says Prachi is responsible for it. Pallavi won’t allow Vikram to tend her sprain than Vikram and Pallavi fights with eachother which makes Ranbir angry and he leaves saying hope you’re happy.

Shahana asks how she met Prachi. Prachi tells her how they met accidentally. Shahana asks won’t she feel it’s romantic and Ranbir is taking risk for your Dad and if I’m in your position than I may snatched Ranbir from Rhea than she notices Prachi wound on finger. Prachi tells to Shahana how Ranbir helped her in jail and I got to know from Mom that one who loves us gonna love everything related to them and Ranbir is same kind of person, why he is so good? And now he is engaged to Rhea. Shahana says Ranbir is engaged to you also. Prachi asks her to forget it.

Rhea follows Ranbir and questions why he said if she is happy with their fights. Ranbir says you’re responsible for clashes in house, you’re becoming blind in Prachi matter, Prachi is not important to me and I went to that place for chief because he is important to me and you have to feel happy after knowing it but you’re showing anger and stop involving Prachi in everything. Rhea apologies to Ranbir for her mistake. Ranbir says if Prachi is here than she may end fights telling I went to Tanu’s place for chief. Vikram asks Pallavi to understand other feelings too. Pallavi says you want Prachi and Ranbir relation right. Vikram asks her to stop dragging Prachi in everything. Rhea asks them to not fight because of her and he went to Tanu place for Dad. Pallavi praises Rhea for her maturity and tells her she always supports her. Prachi and Pragya worriedly thinks about court hearing. Ranbir gets an idea to save Abhi while thinking about video.

Episode ends.

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