KumKum Bhagya 30th June 2022 Written Update: Ranbir overhears Rhea speaking on the phone.


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The episode starts with Ranbir thinking about Prachi. Ranbir notices someone coming and acts as he is sleeping. Rhea comes into Ranbir’s room and she sees that Ranbir is sleeping and she calls Alia. Alia asks what did Prachi say. Rhea says she is nothing like her mother. Alia asks her question again. Rhea says she will say something when she breaks right. She is tough nut to Crack. Rhea says she will come outside and talk. Ranbir heard what Rhea is talking on the phone about Prachi. Ranbir goes after her to find out what are they talking about Prachi.

Prachi thinks of what happened with Rhea. Prachi says she made a mistake without not telling anyone about my pregnancy if I did everyone would be happy and I would be in place of Rhea. Because of my selfishness, I used my child as a tool. Shahana consoles her. Shahana says now you should be strong for your child and when he comes out you must make sure he has mother’s love. Now you have to fight for your child and you have to win it also.

Alia says she is in her room. Rhea says she has come out and talking to her so that no one hears them. Alia says yes you never know who is eavesdropping on another person. Alia asks Rhea to meet her on the terrace. Rhea looks back. Ranbir hides from Rhea. Pallavi sees Rhea and tells her she has a ritual so let’s go to Daljeet’s room. Rhea says she will come in a minute as she has some work. Pallavi says it is not more important than ritual. Pallavi says she will bring some things from the kitchen. Ranbir thinks if his mom didn’t come then he would have known what Rhea is thinking of Prachi. Vikram sees Ranbir and asks you rarely come to my room.

 Ranbir says there is nothing like that. Vikram says he understands his situation and if he wants to talk about something then he is always there for him. Ranbir tells him how he accidentally had sex with Rhea thinking she is Prachi when he was drunk. Vikram consoles him and says sometimes we have to pay for our mistakes like you are doing now. You will be guilt free by paying for it. By paying you can make this mistake right. Ranbir asks how can he make this mistake right. Vikram says you are smarter than me you understand what I am trying to say right.

Pallavi and Rhea come to Daljeet’s room. Pallavi asks Daljeet to do a warding off evil eye ritual to Rhea so that she doesn’t get the evil eye from other people. Daljeet agrees and takes some Mirchi in her hand and does the warding off evil eye ritual. Pallavi thanks Dida for doing it. Ranbir observed it. Dida says she did it for her family and their house. She asks Rhea to go to her room. Rhea and Pallavi leave.

Shahana gives water to Prachi but she doesn’t take it. Shahana says this toofan will settle soon. Prachi says it won’t go. Shahana asks why Rhea came. Prachi says Rhea is immature but I saw some change in her as for the first time she think of other and it might be because she is becoming a mother.

Shahana says Rhea is selfish and her words are sugar coated ones and she just thinks for her benefit. Ranbir comes there and asks Prachi if she talked to Rhea. Prachi asks Shahana to send Ranbir. Ranbir asks Shahana to ask Prachi to give him some time to settle everything. Prachi says it’s already late. She tells him that there is nothing left between them. Ranbir recalls about her pregnancy and asks if they didn’t have anything. Prachi stops herself from revealing that she is pregnant. She says she will take her rights on him and his house. Ranbir asks her to take it and says he wants her to show her rights and thinks tell me that you’re pregnant.

Prachi asks Ranbir if she has rights and why she has to always fight for it. What is the reason for it? Ranbir sits on his knees. Rhea notices them. Ranbir tells her he will follow her orders. Prachi says she won’t leave the house and will get her rights. Ranbir says I want you to stay here and I never want you to leave me. Prachi says stop it as I can’t bear it as you crossed the limit. She leaves the room. Ranbir asks Shahana to bring Prachi to the room. He leaves and notices Rhea. Shahana follows Prachi. Rhea meets Alia and tells her that her plan didn’t work and her idea has flopped and she became a loser infront of Prachi. Alia asks her to come to the point. Pallavi comes there and asks Rhea to take a rest. Rhea goes with Pallavi.

Episode ends.

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