Kumkum Bhagya 30th March 2021 Written Update: Ranbir asks Prachi to return his ring


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Episode starts with Ranbir asks Rhea if she saw chief. Rhea says no than he worriedly thinks where chief gone. Rhea says thanks for making me understand and Dad will feel proud once he get recovered. Ranbir says still you didn’t get it, I’m not doing anything to impress him, we have ti do it from inside, you have to be sensitive with your dad. Rhea says I don’t have this quality but I will learn it from you because we gonna stay witch eachother for lifetime and I’m sorry for my behaviour with Dad. Ranbir says no need of sorry, just show your concern to your Dad when he needs you. Mitali calls them downstairs saying everything is ready. Ranbir goes. Rhea tells to Mitali that she will come after doing some touch-up.

Prachi reaches engagement venue to take Shahana from that place before she founds about Pragya and she dashes with Ranbir and both lost in eachother eyes and Prachi gets tears. Ranbir asks if she came to stop his engagement. Prachi says you’re wrong because I didn’t came for you and she leaves from that place. Ranbir wipes his tears and follows Prachi and says you know everything than why can’t you see the connection between us? That’s why we understand eachother. Prachi says you’re stubborn and living in lie.

Ranbir asks her to tell him seeing in his eyes that she didn’t love him. Prachi says their is no ring in my finger and this is itself showing their is nothing between us. Abhi says here is the ring. Prachi feels emotional and hugs Abhi in tears. Abhi says don’t hug me, I asked him to give the ring and he gave it to me, I don’t know it’s engagement ring, I’m buddu because this is flower ring for girls not me and he insists Ranbir to make Prachi wear that ring. Ranbir makes Prachi wear the ring. Abhi says don’t cry because I don’t like of Simeon cries. Prachi hugs him. Abhi leaves from that place seeing drinks. Ranbir asks Prachi to return his ring.

Saritha calls Pragya and asks her to return home. Pragya says I can’t come now but I’m fine and will return to home soon, she turns and notices Hemanth wife Peeplika caught her and Pragya request her to not inform anyone about her. Peeplika says you’re doing it for your love so I won’t share with anyone and she leaves.

Shahana waits for Aryan in his room and she couldn’t found him than she place some chit in Aryan cupboard and thinks if he is playing with her. Aryan knocks the door. Abhi drinks the juice. Pragya sends servers and gives the juice to Abhi. Abhi keeps glass aside than Pragya drinks it from same glass. Abhi asks why she is drinking from his glass. Pragya apologies to him than Abhi says fine, will you become my friend. Pragya agrees and she asks him to not inform anyone about that they become friends and she says let’s let’s go to room I will tell you how to make Aeroplane.

Aeroplane touches Rhea and she goes to Abhi and talks with him normally. Abhi tells Rhea that Ranbir and Gayathri are my friends and he tells her how he make Ranbir wear the ring to other girl. Rhea asks where is other girl. Abhi tells where is she. Rhea thinks this other girl can be Prachi and if she wants to snatch Ranbir from me than she will face my wrath.