Kumkum Bhagya 31st March 2021 Written Update: Tanu confronts Gayathri for trying to marry Abhi


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Episode starts with Rhea leaves saying she is unlucky daughter in the world. Pragya feels bad. Aliya takes Tanu with her. Shahana listens their convo and says these people are talking wrong about my Maasi and she decides to tell Gayathri about it and than she notices Pragya face in mirror while she is adjusting her veil. Mitali asks Gayathri to manage Abhi. Prachi bumps into Ranbir and he holds her in his hands and he asks her why she is hiding her pain him.

Prachi says she is not feeling any pain. Ranbir says you’re feeling pain when you’re seeing me with Rhea but now their is no use. Prachi says fact Is you’re frustrated not me. Ranbir asks if she won’t feel jealousy if he dances with Rhea. Prachi says no. Ranbir holds her closely and asks won’t you feel jealous seeing me with Rhea. Prachi says no. Ranbir says your no gonna cost you so much. Prachi leaves from that place.

Pallavi comes to Ranbir and takes him to Mandap saying Pandit is waiting for him. Prachi feels bad. Shahana goes to Prachi and tells her that she found the truth. Prachi asks if she saw her Mom. Shahana nods. Prachi hugs her in pain. Pragya stops Abhi when he is playing with fan. Pragya face gets exposed because of fan speed. Abhi says you’re looking like fuggi. Aliya overhears fuggi word and asks? Pragya covers her face. Aliya asks Gayathri to take Abhi to his room.

Killer enters to engagement venue as server and he mistakenly reaches to locked bathroom of Aryan and reveals how they are here to kill Abhi. Aryan hits Killer with vase when he opens the bathroom door and he goes out. Pandit asks Rhea to make Ranbir wear the ring. Rhea happily makes him wear it. Ranbir stares at Prachi and makes Rhea wear the ring in pain. Everyone claps for them. Pragya notices everything.

Abhi breaks balloons. Aliya asks what are you doing. Ranbir to comes to Abhi support and he too breaks balloons with Abhi. Aliya asks Tanu to play music so everyone attention goes from Bhai. Aliya invites Ranbir and Rhea to stage for a dance. Aliya asks Tanu to dance with Abhi. Tanu asks Abhi if he can dance with her. Abhi says no and he drinks the juice. Ranbir dances with Rhea closely which makes Prachi feel sad. Prachi notices Pragya is seeing her than she acts like she is happy. Tanu goes away saying she can’t dance with him than Abhi takes Gayathri to stage, everyone dances crazily. Ranbir goes near Prachi but Rhea drags him from her. Gayathri feels happy when Abhi is enjoying with everyone. Music gets halted than Abhi says he wants to dance more. Gayathri asks him to say music. Abhi says music than music gets started and he dances happily.

Killer asks Ashok to cut rope quickly and reminsces how he makes Aryan unconscious by hitting him with vase. Ashok can’t cut it quickly than Killer takes the knife and cut it. Pragya notices Chandlier about to fell on Abhi than she throws Abhi aside at correct time. Everyone gets shocked. Ranbir notices Pragya face when her veil fell down and than she covers her head immediately.