Kumkum Bhagya 31st March 2021 Written Update: Tanu confronts Gayathri for trying to marry Abhi


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Episode starts with Rhea goes to see the girl. Prachi says leave my way because I didn’t came for you. Ranbir holds her and asks if she came to search another rich guy in party? I easily get trapped in your master plan and you’re master mind that’s why you send Shahana here , if incase Parth don’t have money than you can have me, you’re gold digger and opportunist.

Prachi gets tears. Ranbir says let’s consider your tears as true , I’m giving you last option tell me if you want me to cancel my engagement with Rhea. Prachi says no, I don’t want this engagement to be halted and she is about to go but Ranbir pins her to wall. Prachi asks him to leave. Ranbir questions her why you’re changing? You’re making me mad and he asks her to return his ring. Prachi says it’s hurting. Ranbir says it’s nothing Infront of the pain you gave to me and he forcefully snatches the ring.

Ranbir about to leave than Prachi stops him and says I don’t love you, listen it repeated so you won’t get any illusion that I have feelings for you. Ranbir says still I can prove that you love me. Prachi asks him to prove. Ranbir beats his hand to pillar. Prachi stops him holding his hand saying he might get hurt in tears. Ranbir smiles at her care. Prachi leaves his hand and wipes her tears. Ranbir says your care for me is proving that you love, he places her hand on his heart and asks her to confess that she loves him. Rhea gets shocked seeing them and says Prachi.

Ashok tries to escape from bathroom. Shahana dashes with Pragya and she notices Pragya bracelet and stops her. Pragya talks in Gayathri language and escapes from her. Shahana overhears Rhea friends are making fun of Prachi and than she warns them. Prachi removes her hand. Rhea holds her hand and notices their is no ring than questions what’s she doing in party. Ranbir says Prachi is here to have fun, let her have it and he goes taking Rhea with him. Prachi cries seeing her finger.

Abhi asks Pandit to return his Aeroplane. Pandit returns the paper plane. Pandit thinks Aliya is true, he is drunk. Abhi tells to Pandit that I stoled paper plane from Gayathri, God won’t get angry right. Pandit says God won’t punish us for small mistakes and I came here to perform marriage. Abhi says than these people lied to me that it’s Sagai. Pandit says Sagai happens before marriage. Abhi asks Pandit to tell him about marriage. Pandit tries to explain him but Abhi asks him more questions. Pandit thinks why he is drunk so much. Gayathri comes to them and thinks Abhi is meeting new people it’s good sign.

Abhi asks Gayathri if she can marry him? And he asks Pandit to perform his marriage with Gayathri. Abhi takes rounds with Gayathri to show it to Pandit. Tanu notices Everything. Pragya feels happy reminscing their marriage time. Abhi says we are married. Tanu separates their hands. Abhi goes to take his plane than Tanu takes Gayathri with her. Abhi searches for Gayathri.

Rhea asks Ranbir how Prachi ring finger is injured. Ranbir says know it from her boyfriend to know why her finger had scratches. Rhea says I didn’t tell that she had scratches, answer me directly why you make her wear the ring? Because Dad told it to me. Ranbir asks from when she stared trusting her Dad. Rhea leaves thinking she knows how to know the truth.

Vikram tells to Ranbir that he is going to meet Abhi in room. Ranbir stops him saying Abhi is in party and Gayathri is handling him. Vikram feels happy and they goes to have drinks. Tanu scolds Gayathri. Aliya asks what happened. Tanu says Gayathri is going to marry Abhi. Gayathri says she misunderstood. Aliya says Tanu won’t lie. Tanu says this Gayathri is like Pragya.

Gayathri says she just want to care Abhi. Aliya says even Pragya says she cares for Bhai but she left him in stretcher when he is in critical condition. Rhea says Aunt don’t take her name in this house because She is reason for Dad state and she is worst and don’t take her name because I hate her so much. Pragya feels bad.