Kumkum Bhagya 3rd December 2019 Upcoming Story: The distance between Abhi-Pragya again increased

Kumkum Bhagya, 3 December 2019, Preview Episode: Abhi and Pragya’s feud has started once again in the show Kumkum Bhagya, that too due to the third person. Priyanka and Rishi’s mess has increased so much that the matter has reached the court. Priyanka has unnecessarily accused Rishi. In such a situation, Abhi is with Priyanka because she feels that Priyanka is telling the truth. Priyanka is wearing a mask of goodness.

The upcoming episode will show Abhi now realizing that he and Pragya are making a big mistake once again. He is fighting because of both Rishi and Priyanka. He shares the same thing with his friend.

Here Priyanka is constantly blackmailing Rishi. Priyanka sometimes reaches her bedroom to disturb Rishi who sleeps, sometimes calls and scares her by making blank calls. To find out whether he was put in jail or not. The sage senses Priyanka’s phone call and goes to her aunt, Pragya, and tells her about it. Pragya gets upset that now Priyanka is going to mess up again.

Pragya will once again go to Abhi with the hope that what Abhi knows will be accepted by her and Priyanka does not get support. Priyanka is getting a lot of support from Abhi. So that she is getting powerful and poor sage is getting trapped in her web.

Let me tell you, the sage rejected Priyanka’s proposal that he does not love her and he has given his heart to someone else. Priyanka was very hurt by this. In such a situation, she wanted to take revenge on the sage – of his dishonor.

She could not withstand the rejection, so she accused Rishi of wrongdoing and also beat Mr. Mehra. Later Mr. Mehra feeds him the prison air. When Pragya got the news about this, she got the sage to do the work and now she is supporting the truth.

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