Kumkum Bhagya 3rd March 2020 : Pallavi scold Prachi


Kumkum Bhagya 3rd March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on Serialgossip.in

Today’s episode begins with Ranbir along with his loved ones eating their breakfast. Meanwhile Mr. Chobey and his wife came to Ranbir’s home, initially Ranbir’sgrandma did not welcome them as she doesn’t likes Mrchobey and his loved ones.

But afterwards Vikram opens door for them, and apologies to them as his mom behaviouris impolite towards Mrchobey. Mrchobey states, you do not have to apologise because we are come here without notifying you guys. Chobey tell Vikram that we’re here for providing you sagun as this is a significant ritual before participation.

There, Prachi comes also comes there and listening their conversation. Rhea is also comes there. At precisely the exact same time Choubey went to Ranbir and hugs him, he explained to him we could become enemy if you did not accept my daughter. But your dad still not understanding this.

And he threatens Ranbir and his family as he got a call from someone who told him that do not induce people for marriage and I understand this is your tricks to prevent this union. So stop these types of tricks on me otherwise you’ll be in trouble men. And he went with is family from there.

There, Rhea again blamed Prachi as she believes, this is happening due to your great idea. Pallavi also agrees with Rhea and scolds Prachias because you,my son is in trouble.

While Vikram and Ranbir protecting Prachi. Vikram asks Prachi to depart out there for office with Ranbir. In office Ranbir asks Prachi to deliver a file for him Prachi send another girl for that.

Ranbir came to Prachi he asks her what happened to you why do you do this drama tell me what’s bothering you. Did my mother words bothers you. She says, yes since nowi also believes that this is occurring because of me.

On the opposite side Maya considering Rhea as she threatens her. She tooks her out diamond necklace, at precisely the exact same time her mother came with her involvement outfit. And She saw bead necklace in Maya’s hands, she asks her about necklace. Maya lies to her and informs, this necklace is from Ranbir. Her mother said okay for her and proceeded from there.

Episode ends with Ranbir stated to Prachi do not leave me in this circumstance. You’re my last hope. And only you can help me. So don’t take my mum’s words seriously as I know you did not do anything wrong.