Kumkum Bhagya 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Ranbir misunderstands Akshay


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The episode starts with Khushi introducing Ranbir and Prachi to each other as her Shiv and Parvathi. Prachi and Ranbir get lost in each other. Laali disturbs their moment and tells Prachi that she won’t take 20rs from her as she bought her sarees and chocolates for Khushi. Ranbir asks Prachi what is she doing here. Prachi receives a call and tells Khushi that she needs to leave urgently. Laali tells Prachi that she has not yet decided about her request but will decide soon. Prachi says decide as it’s good for Khushi and leaves. Prachi asks Laali which offer Prachi is talking about. Laali says it’s the same offer you gave for Khushi. Laali tells Ranbir that she has not decided yet and says I told this to Madam ji also, and now tell you that I am still thinking. Prachi hears and thinks Ranbir wants to adopt Khushi. Ranbir also thinks Prachi wants to adopt Khushi. Prachi thinks she won’t let anyone take Khushi. She decides to do something. Ranbir also thinks the same. Prachi leaves. Laali asks Ranbir to leave. Ranbir asks if she doesn’t like his stay. Laali says they have to earn. She asks him to impress her as Prachi does. Ranbir leaves.

Smugglers follow Akshay’s vehicle. The driver notices someone is following his car and informs Akshay about it. Ranbir comes from another side and Akshay’s car gets halted. Ranbir sees they can’t move backward so he tries to take the reverse. Smugglers hold Akshay. They take Akshay’s bag and shoes. Ranbir asks why they are taking shoes but they didn’t listen and start their car. Akshay stops their car by hitting a log in the car then he thrashes smugglers and wears his shoes. Smugglers are about to attack Akshay then Ranbir helps him by stopping him. Ranbir asks the smugglers what’s the issue. Smugglers say Akshay is running away taking their gold. Akshay introduces him to Ranbir. Akshay removes his jacket and thrashes goons. Police arrive there and catch smugglers. Ranbir says Those men said their gold is with Akshay. Smugglers escape from there. Police arrest Akshay.

Ashok receives a call from an unknown number. He gets shocked after answering the call. Prachi calls Ashok and asks him which flowers Akshay like to order a bouquet of. Ashok says Akshay is arrested so go to great Kailash Police station and I will come with a lawyer. Prachi agrees.

At the station, Akshay tells the inspector that they arrested him in the wrong case and he didn’t do anything wrong. Inspector argues with Akshay and says he won’t leave any criminal and let your lawyer come here to prove his innocence. Akshay agrees and asks Inspector to give his shoes. Inspector refuses.

Prachi reaches the police station. Ashok calls Prachi and tells her that he is coming with Lawyer and asks Prachi to manage the situation. Ashok’s car meets with an accident. Prachi asks if he is fine. Ashok comes out of the car and tells Prachi to clear the confusion police had and tells her that he may come late. Prachi says she will manage the situation.

Prachi goes inside the station. She takes the permission of the inspector and goes to Akshay to talk to him. Akshay feels happy seeing her. Prachi asks him what’s the case. Akshay says I don’t know and tells her how 3people tried to loot him. Prachi goes to the inspector and asks why they arrested Akshay. Inspector says they arrested him in a gold smuggling case. Prachi says he is a millionaire and he doesn’t need to do this smuggling and someone may frame him wrongly. Inspector says we arrested him with proof and his bagpiping and his shoe has gold. Prachi asks how security allowed him to come to India if he bring gold and something might have happened that we didn’t know. Inspector searches in net and says whatever you tell about Ashok and Akshay is correct but the witness filed the case and we can’t release Akshay until he takes back the case. Akshay tells Prachi that he is a mad man. Prachi asks who is he. Inspector says Ranbir Kohli. He asks Constable to take Prachi to Ranbir to talk to him.

Episode ends.

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