Kumkum Bhagya 3rd May 2021 Written Update: Aliya confronts Tanu


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Episode starts with Prachi tells to Shahana that she is making purabpolis for her Mom to make her mood better. Shahana asks her to give her something. Prachi says let me prepare it first. Shahana praises Prachi beauty with flour and tells her Ranbir may hugged her if he is with her. Prachi shuts her and goes to see who’s ringing calling bell. Shahana tastes the puranpoli. Prachi opens the door and sees Ranbir Infront of her, both losts in eachother eyes. Prachi asks what you doing here? You must be went with Rhea for shopping right? Ranbir thinks she knows how to spoil his mood than he tells her that he have work with her Mom and goes inside. Prachi about to get slipped but Ranbir helps her and wipers flour from her cheek. Prachi feels lost in his care. Ranbir leaves from that place. Shahana comes to Prachi but she asks Shahana to don’t say anything.

Ranbir meets Pragya and tells her that he can do anything for his chief and he asks Pragya do anything to win the case and he tells to Pragya that Doctor is ready to help us and he shows the certificate to prove Abhi’s condition is not good when Tanu’s is claiming her rape. Pragya thanks Ranbir than she tells him she had confession of Tanu where she accepted rape didn’t happened and she is doing this for her revenge. Tanu asks makeup artist to make her look like victim and she leaves to court.

Ranbir asks if she have recording. Pragya agrees. Prachi asks how she get it. Pragya says it’s recorded in her phone by mistake and she makes them listen Tanu’s confession. Everyone feels happy. Ranbir asks why Pragya stands silent Infront of Tanu even after having proof. Pragya says Tanu may plan another thing that’s why I want her to be overconfident until we prove her lies Infront of everyone. Ranbir and Pragya goes to meet Raghuveer.

On the way Ranbir and Pragya bumps into Tanu. Tanu tells them she gonna win. Ranbir about to answer her but Pragya stops him and they meet Raghuveer and tells him about Doctors certificate and makes listen Tanu’s confession recorded in her phone. Raghuveer says these proofs are enough to prove Abhi’s innocent. Ranbir asks him file defamation case on Tanu. Raghuveer agrees and tells to meet them in court.

Aliya, Baljeet, Mitali arrives early at court to get see Abhi. Pragya reaches to court. Baljeet says she is getting good sign seeing her happy face. Pragya takes her blessings. Baljeet asks her to tell how she gonna prove Abhi’s innocence. Pragya tells her their Lawyer Raghuveer have proofs to prove Abhi’s innocence. Mitali says I trust Pragya, hope you trust her too Aliya, both sees Tanu and goes towards her. Dadi happily tells to Pragya that she got confidence with her words and that time Abhi arrives at court. Aliya meets Tanu and compares her as venomous snake. Tanu says you’re snake who has bitten Your husband happiness and you’re like me and your family is facing these problems because of you. Mitali says their is do much difference between both of you, Aliya can never think to harm her brother but you’re selfish. Tanu says you’re pendulum who changes sides.

Episode ends.

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