KumKum Bhagya 4th August 2022 Written Update: Rhea argues with Prachi


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The episode starts with Rhea saying she will kill her baby if he treats her in this way. Alia and Shaina remind her that she is not pregnant. Rhea says no one knows about it apart from you guys. She says she is fed up seeing someone stopping Prachi from leaving the house. Alia says Pallavi can help her, she asks Rhea to talk with Pallavi. Rhea says she will talk with Pallavi about it the next day and makes Prachi leave the house.

The next day Prachi wakes up and sees Ranbir and recalls how he took care of her. She takes her hand which wakes up Ranbir. He tells her good morning. Prachi says it’s uncomfortable to sleep here right. Ranbir says he slept peacefully and now he saw her face so his day will be good too. He goes to get freshen up.

Shahana comes to Prachi’s room and asks if she woke up. Prachi tells Shahana that she doesn’t want to leave. Shaina prays for Rhea. Alia says Rhea is smart and she doesn’t need your prayers, Rhea may already implement her plan. They discuss what can happen. Rhea goes to Pallavi’s room in tears. Pallavi asks her what happened.

Rhea says she is feeling stressed which is not good for her baby and she feels why she become pregnant. Pallavi asks her to not take the stress. Rhea asks Pallavi to make Prachi leave the house to make me feel secure. Pallavi says she will talk with Prachi. Rhea feels happy and hugs her. Pallavi asks Rhea to do what she told her. Rhea agrees. Pallavi says she will ask Prachi to leave after 9 months and for that, you need to divorce Ranbir. Rhea gets shocked and leaves.

Prachi says Shahana that she is doing wrong with Rhea but what to do I love Ranbir. Ranbir feels happy hearing it. He comes behind her and kisses her. She says why he kissed her. It’s wrong. Ranbir says it’s normal between couples. They argue with each other. Aryan comes there and he fights with Shahana supporting Ranbir. They leave arguing with each other.

Pallavi follows Rhea and warns her to not walk away when she is talking as I’m your mother in law and not your Bua to disrespect me. Rhea says Prachi is everything to you and you’re ignoring me and Prachi can’t have a wonderful baby. Pallavi asks her to stop. Rhea says you’re snatching dad from my baby. Pallavi says she wants Prachi to stay here so it’s the plan. Rhea asks what’s her plan. Vikram and Dida ask what they are planning. Pallavi says she is planning to take Prachi and Rhea to buy their maternity clothes.

Rhea leaves thinking she is double crossing her. Dida says it’s good. Pallavi goes to talk with Rhea. Dida and Vikram discuss Pallavi is hiding something from them. Rhea collides with Prachi. Rhea recalls Ranbir’s words and argues with Prachi for snatching Ranbir. Prachi says Ranbir is always mine and he is never yours. Rhea says you accepted us as a couple and you want to leave from here. Prachi reminds her that she is a legal wife and her marriage with Ranbir happened with blackmail.

Episode ends.

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