KumKum Bhagya 6th January 2022 Written Update: Prachi Exposes Rhea and the Gang

Kumkum BHagya

KumKum Bhagya 6th January 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The Episode begins with Prachi telling Pallavi that even you are involved in fake paper matter as you agreed with Aaliya aunt. She says you did this even though knows that this is wrong. Rhea says you can’t talk to my mother in law like that. Prachi says we know the truth so I can blame her. She says even a leaf don’t move without your consent in your house and says you can support Rhea as she is your choice but don’t hug her as you have to stoop low to her level to hug her. Aaliya says I am ashamed that you are my….Prachi says you shall feel ashamed as you did wrong. Aaliya says I am ashamed as you are my niece. Prachi says we might stay at home together or not but this relation will be between us. She tells Pallavi that she doesn’t feel bad about her words before as she was concerned

for her son but now she feels as she is more concerned for her DIL (Rhea) and her stubbornness than son’s happiness. She asks her not to make your choice as your helplessness so that you can’t differentiate between good and bad. She tells that Rhea is not trustable and says the girl who can spiked her sister’s drink can do anything with you don’t support her. Rhea claps and says you might have seen the cheap film where a girl wants to become a heroine forcibly.

Prachi says you called yourself as villain and says don’t know if you had spiked my drink to take my signs or to kill me. Rhea says bottom line is that you have signed on those papers and that’s why you don’t have right to say this. She brings papers and reads that their marriage was fake and she has bribed Pandit ji so that Ranbir thinks that they have got married. She reads that she is ending their relation with Ranbir so that he can start his life with my sister Rhea. She says for Ranbir’s satisfaction I am signing on divorce papers. She says it is written by you. Prachi says you have written this and took my sign.

Ranbir asks Rhea if you take her signatures by cheat and spiked her drink. Pallavi claps and says you didn’t say when this girl was scolding your mother and when Rhea’s matter came you made her stand in the witness box. She says doubting Rhea is like doubting your mother and says you have no right to question her. Prachi says you have snatched my rights from me and asks her not to snatch his right to question. She says he knows that his mother can’t support wrong. Pallavi says nothing wrong has happened in this house.

Prachi asks did you agree that my signatures were taken by cheat and asks if my drinks was spiked and Rhea had added tablet in it. She asks her to answer. Pallavi says yes Rhea had added the medicine in the drink and we all are involved in this plan. She asks why are you surprised who started it. you. She says you have snatched Rhea’s husband from her mandap and says if that was not wrong then this is not wrong in my sight whatever Rhea did was right. Prachi says you can’t prove me wrong to prove yourself right you knows well that I have never snatched Ranbir from Rhea. Ranbir says she said right and says it was me…Prachi says I don’t need your help. Rhea says she will distract us and don’t know what she wants. Prachi says I just want my rights.

Rhea asks what do you want and says if you wanted rights then Ranbir would have been in your room. She says you wanted to stay here but not with Ranbir and don’t want to respect elders. She says motto of your life is not to let others live. She says she has to make her hands dirty to clear the dirt of the house. Ranbir tries to speak. Prachi says if you have been good then I wouldn’t have seen this day. Pallavi asks why is she here and says she is good MIL else would have thrown her by now.

Prachi says you are a good MIL but not with me. Pallavi says you are not a DIL. Prachi says I am your DIL and can’t question our relation else you might get hurt. Ranbir holds Prachi’s hand and asks her to come. Rhea asks what is he doing. He says I want to talk to her alone. Rhea asks her to talk here infront of everyone. Prachi says I have no problem to talk to you alone. She goes with him. He says I know Prachi that you are strong and I want you to know this one thing you shall tell me that you need me I will stand with you and will tell infront of everyone that we are married. Prachi says I am surprised that you are telling me this.

Ranbir says you are forgetting and told me everything. He says you told that you are upset with me but not angry and missed me a lot. He says yesterday we got married again. Prachi recalls writing a letter for him. She is about to fall. Ranbir says you shall take care if anything happens to you. Prachi thinks she will never tell him. Ranbir says you shall not take stress as I don’t want. He asks are you pregnant. Rhea asks why Ranbir wants to talk to Prachi alone.

Aaliya says he don’t even his parents and took her from here. Dida says you people are worried that Ranbir gives importance to Prachi. Aaliya says we have to do something with Prachi. Dida says Ranbir took Prachi with him and asks her not to blame Prachi. Pallavi asks why do you take her side so much and says we want us to scold Ranbir. Dida says whatever is happening is due to Ranbir. Rhea says I will go and bring them out. Aaliya asks Rhea not to worry and says you have papers signed by Prachi and asks her not to ruin anything.

Ranbir asks if you are pregnant. Prachi says why all men think that pregnant woman shall not take stress. She says nobody shall take stress and says if we can’t unwell without such thing. She says let it be and is about to go. Ranbir holds her hand and says I felt that as if you…she asks what. Ranbir says I am ready to stand by you and you have to come to me and this will happen when you tell everyone that we are together. He says I will tell that we are married. Prachi says when you was marrying Rhea all my hopes ended with you. Ranbir says I am talking about our yesterday’s marriage.

Prachi says if we were together then would have been together and not against each other. She says a husband’s responsibility is to be husband and asks him to decide with whom he is standing. Ranbir says you didn’t tell that you missed me. She asks didn’t you get hiccup when you married Rhea. She asks how did you feel when you married Rhea as few words can’t be explained by words but by feelings. She goes.

Prachi comes out. Aaliya asks if there is something to tell us. Prachi thinks if I tell everyone what he said then he will be scolded. She says he asked me if I am fine or still in medicine effect asked me if I need lemon water etc. Rhea asks Ranbir if he asked her ever. She says she feels as if she is in the battle field and can’t bear anymore now. She comes to Prachi and shows the papers in which it is proved that I am his legal wife. She asks her to pack her bags and leave else she will get happiness to throw her out. She says I had warned you to leave else I will throw you out. Prachi says I will not be scared seeing these papers and says nothing can raise a question on my identity. She says these papers are not valuable and takes it from Rhea’s hand says it is just a paper piece. The Screen Freezes..

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