Kumkum Bhagya 4th March 2023 Written Update: Prachi confronts Ranbir


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The episode starts with Akshay saying to Prachi that guy is completely mad. Prachi asks Inspector what’s the name of the person. Inspector asks Constable to take Prachi to Ranbir Kohli who is in another cabin. Prachi says Ranbir Kohli. She thinks that Ranbir is doing this intentionally to make her lose her job and get Khushi. She enters the cabin. Ranbir asks what’s she doing here. Prachi says she came to correct his mistake and tells him that she came to help Akshay whom he got arrested. Ranbir asks if she is involved in smuggling as she is supporting the culprit. He says he will complain against her too. Prachi asks who’s she to him. Ranbir says you’re my wife but how have you achieved so much money in these 7 years. Prachi says I made you get many deals when I worked at Dad’s office too so don’t forget and asks him to take back the case.

Ranbir tells Prachi that the guy is a smuggler and was smuggling the gold. He says I have done the right thing for my country, being a responsible citizen. Prachi asks him to be quiet and says you are not a responsible citizen and asks him to learn to become a responsible husband and father first. She says Akshay is good and he is the son of my boss and the two people who escaped are smugglers and asks him when he started listening to his heart. She asks if he is doing it to take revenge on her. Ranbir says he is thankful as she saved him. Prachi asks him to take back the case. Si comes there and asks Ranbir to sign the papers to file the case. Ranbir tells him he is taking back the case and signs the papers. The inspector releases Akshay.

Akshay asks Prachi what she did. Prachi says she cleared the misunderstanding. Akshay thanks Ranbir for becoming his guarantor to make him get released and tells him that he will relay his help whenever he needs help. Akshay thanks Inspector. Inspector asks him to thank Prachi. Akshay says she is an amazing employee and everyone at the office thanks her. He says he thanks her all day. He thanks her. Prachi asks him to inform his dad that he is released. Akshay agrees. Ranbir leaves.

Ranbir’s car doesn’t get started. Akshay offers to drop him. Ranbir says he will drive the car. Akshay agrees. Prachi gives him the key. Ranbir drives the car. Prachi and Ranbir recall their past moments. Prachi thinks she never thought they become strangers in life. Akshay asks Prachi to tell her address to Ranbir. Prachi says she reached her place and asks how he knows it. Ranbir lies to her she told him. Prachi thanks him for dropping her at home and is about to leave but her saree pallu gets stuck in the door. Akshay helps her. Ranbir sees how Akshay is staring at Prachi. Ranbir says he will help and drapes palli around Prachi. Prachi thanks him. Akshay tells her good night. Prachi says good night and leaves.

Ranbir doesn’t like the way Akshay stares at Prachi and takes Akshay away from there. Shahana opens the door for Prachi and asks Prachi for the car keys. Prachi says she doesn’t have the car. Shahana asks Prachi where is the car? Prachi says Ranbir took it. Prachi explains to Shahana and Dadi what happened with Akshay how Ranbir filed a police complaint against Akshay and later how she has gone and made Ranbir take back his complaint. Dadi and Shahana say they are a lot of twists in this story. Prachi comments on it and leaves from there.

Ranbir and Akshay come to Kohli’s mansion. Ranbir thanks Akshay for the lift. Ranbir introduces Aryan to Akshay and they decide to meet next time under different circumstances. Akshay leaves from there.

Episode ends.

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