KumKum Bhagya 4th May 2022 Written Update: Rhea and Aliya implement their plan against Prachi


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The episode starts with Pallavi stopping Ranbir and asking what’s the need to work in this state. Ranbir says he just checks the file in the study room and it’s needed for him to stay away from home stress. Vikram tells her he will talk. Pallavi leaves asking him to tell Ranbir that he needs rest. Ranbir tells Vikram that he wants to be busy. Vikram says he can agree and asks him to not take the stress. Ranbir agrees and leaves. Vikram sees Aliya and asks what’s she listening to. Aliya tells him she is going to another side. Rhea stops Prachi and warns her to not go behind him.

She questions why she is breaking her promise by going behind Ranbir. Prachi tells she is trying to live normally and it’s not her fault. Rhea says your attitude is your problem. She asks her to accept her defeat. Prachi tells she won’t accept her defeat until she wins it. Rhea says family members are treating you like outsiders which I love. Prachi tells she doesn’t want to spoil her mood. She says you know that Ranbir saved me but you are saying that he saved you. Rhea asks what she wants to say. Prachi feels dizzy and leaves from there.

Prachi calls Doctor and tells her condition. Doctor asks her to visit the clinic. Prachi tells her she will visit the hospital. Ranbir hears her words and asks her to tell if she has any problem. Prachi asks him to go to Rhea and tells him that she doesn’t need his help. Ranbir says Rhea is with me when I need help but fir you your beauty sleep is important. Prachi asks if Rhea told him. Ranbir tells he saw it by himself. Prachi asks him to leave telling she doesn’t want to talk with him. Ranbir asks if she wants to hurt him. Prachi says he is hurting her. Ranbir tells her that he is tired of explaining to her that he loves her. Prachi says she doesn’t believe his lies.

Ranbir says you doubt me. Prachi says you brought that doubt in our relationship but my doubt has a reason as you filled Rhea’s mang and slept with her. Ranbir tries to say. Prachi stops him by telling he already broke her heart and you just love Rhea and ruined my life. Ranbir asks if she diesnt wants to marry him. She says no. Ranbir says you ruined our relationship too. Ranbir tells her that their relationship will be built when she tries to make it and says I am going very far from you. Prachi says you want to go far from me, go, I don’t want you to stay near me, go to your Rhea. Both walk in different directions wiping their tears.

Aliya meets Rhea and tells her that it’s time to implement their plan. Vikram and Ranbir come there. They hide seeing them. Once they leave. Aliya removes screws from the railing. She asks Rhea to wear knee caps. Rhea asks why she is doing it. Aliya says I heard Ranbir’s convo with Vikram and we have to make them believe that Prachi wants to kill you. The doctor tells Prachi that her baby is fine. Prachi asks why she felt dizzy. Doctor says it’s common in pregnancy and asks her to stay at home. Prachi agrees. Doctor gifts her a smiley ball. Aliya brings the mattress to the hall. Pallavi asks what’s it. Aliya tells them the worker placed it in the wrong place. Aliya asks Dida how she is. Dida tells her she is fine. Ranbir and Vikram come there. Rhea falls down from the balcony. Everyone surrounds her with worry. Aliya hugs Rhea and shouts Prachi’s name.

Episode ends.

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