Kumkum Bhagya 5th March 2023 Written Update: Prachi rejects Akshay’s marriage proposal


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The episode starts with Aryan telling Ranbir that her got his car repaired. Ranbir thinks of how Akshay stared at Prachi. Aryan asks who’s Akshay and why you look tense. Ranbir says he will meet him after some time and leaves taking the car without listening to Aryan. Aryan thinks something happened and where Prachi met him and what happened. Prachi opens the door and feels surprised to see Akshay. Akshay comes inside. He sits on his knees and proposes to Prachi to marry him with a ring. Prachi replies you know my answer and I’m not ready for any relationship. Akshay says no problem, reject me like every time and I will wait for you like every time. Akshay says he will wait until she marries him. Prachi asks till then if he hurts himself. Akshay asks her to marry him if she doesn’t want him to feel hurt so the problem will be solved. He admits he needs her in his life as she saves him from problems and she needs him in her life to make her smile all the time. Prachi smiles. She says she will search for an amazing girl for him whom he likes. Akshay says he likes her and asks her to understand that she is perfect for him. He says this is not my final proposal for this year. Prachi says really? Akshay says I’m serious and Dad said this ring is lucky but it isn’t and remembers that this is not a proposal of this year.

Dadi and Shahana come there. They tell Akshay they miss him. Akshay says he missed them too. Shahana asks him to leave after eating the food. Dadi asks how is he. Akshay says he is fine and tells them that he has to leave to meet his dad. Prachi asks him to take her car. Akshay agrees and leaves. Shahana asks Prachi if he proposed to her again. Dadi says she may reply to him the same old answer. Prachi says yes as I don’t have any other answer and calls him to eat food.

On the way, Ranbir thinks he is feeling jealous and he understood that Akshay has feelings for Prachi. Ashok waits for Akshay. Akshay returns home. Ashok asks if Prachi accepted his proposal. Akshay says no and then I diverted the topic. Ashok asks if he is fine. Akshay says I’m fine but it takes some time to get heated from the inside. He says let’s go to eat food. Ashok agrees.

Ranbir parks his car. Khushi is about to eat vada pav. She sees Ranbir and calls him but he doesn’t listen to her. She runs towards Ranbir’s car. Ranbir sees a car may hit Khushi and rescues her on time. He scolds the driver for not seeing Khushi. The driver apologises and leaves. Ranbir scolds Khushi for running in the road. Khushi cries. Ranbir apologizes to her and asks why she ran. Khushi says she is running toward him to share the vada pav with him. Ranbir asks where her mother is. Khushi says she is at home and asked me to come after 10 as she is with her boyfriend and he doesn’t like me. She asks why he didn’t hear her. Ranbir says he is lost in something. Khushi says she felt something after meeting him and Parvathi. Ranbir asks what. She says you guys look good together and prayed to the broken star to unite you both. Ranbir smiles. He thanks her. He says broken stars can’t unite broken relationships. Khushi says she didn’t understand. Ranbir asks her to leave it and says he will drop her at home. Khushi agrees.

Prachi sees herself in the mirror and thinks Khushi can become her happiness. Ranbir drops Khushi at her place. He doesn’t like the place where she stays. She asks him to leave after she sleeps. He asks when her mother returns. Khushi says they went to marriage so she may return the next day. Ranbir asks Khushi to sleep. Khushi asks him to promise that he won’t leave her before she sleeps. Ranbir promises her. Khushi says she is not getting sleep. Ranbir asks how to make her get to sleep. Khushi says she doesn’t know. Ranbir asks Khushi to think about whom she likes more to sleep quickly like he thinks. Both think about Prachi. Phone rings. Khushi sees the phone and says it’s Parvati’s call and she gave this phone to me without mom’s knowledge. Ranbir asks her to attend it. Khushi attends the call. Prachi asks if she didn’t sleep. Khushi says she is not getting sleep. Prachi asks her to keep the phone on speaker and asks her to sleep listening to her lullaby. Prachi sings a lullaby. Ranbir thinks of their moment with their Panchi. Khushi smiles.

Episode ends.

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