KumKum Bhagya 5th May 2022 Written Update: Ranbir refuses to believe accusations against Prachi


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The episode starts with Aliya shouting Prachi’s name. Vikram asks Ranbir to call the Doctor. Aliya asks Rhea if she is fine. Rhea tells she is feeling vigorous pain in the body. Aliya asks how she fell down. Rhea says she fell down with the railing. Aliya says Prachi wants to kill Rhea. She asks everyone to do something to save Rhea. Ranbir says it can’t be. Rhea asks why he is acting like blind? Is it because Prachi is involved in it? She asks Aliya to call the Police. Ranbir and others try to tell her that it’s just an accident. Aliya says you may forget the incident from Wearhouse, Prachi hired a killer to harm Rhea and if you ignore these things then she will attack Rhea again and you may be worried for your family’s reputation but I’m worried for Rhea’s safety. She is about to call the Police. Ranbir stops her.

Sahana comes to home. Aliya asks where is Prachi? As Prachi knows that Rhea loves to stand holding the railing and she did it intentionally to kill Rhea. Sahana tells Prachi is not free to do it. Pallavi tells she called the Police. Ranbir asks why she did it. Pallavi says Prachi hired Nick that’s why he took her name so I can’t take a risk in Rhea’s matter. Ranbir tells Prachi can’t do it. Aliya asks why Nick take her name. Ranbir says don’t know but Prachi can’t do it. Vikram asks them to not stress Ranbir as these issues between sisters are common. Aliya tells she will complain ok whole family if they didn’t take it seriously. Sahana says Rhea might be fall down while conspiring against Prachi. Aliya asks Sahana to stay away from their family matters. Sahana says she is the family of Prachi and tells them that Prachi can never think to hurt her sister. Rhea says Prachi considers me as Sautan, not sister.

Prachi returns home and thinks to go to her room otherwise everyone may question her where she went. Rhea tells she has noone except Aliya for her. Pallavi hugs her and says they are with her. Pallavi tells they all love her so much including Ranbir. Ranbir asks Pallavi to not take his relationship status.

Police come there. Inspector asks who is Pallavi. Pallavi tells him that she called them to investigate about the attack on Rhea. Ranbir says it’s just an accident. Rhea and Aliya tell Cops how Nick said Prachi’s name and Rhea faced another attack. Cops reach to the spot. Prachi comes there and asks what happened. Sahana asks Prachi to take a rest telling it does not matter for her to know. Prachi asks Dida to tell what happened. Rhea says Police arrived here because of you as you tried to harm me again. Prachi asks what happened to Rhea. Inspector learns that the screws had been deliberately loosened. Aliya feels tensed seeing the toolbox. Inspector tells everyone that someone tried to harm Rhea intentionally as screws had been deliberately loosened. Rhea cries saying she is not safe in her own room. Ranbir says it can’t be. Inspection asks them to check bolts. Rhea tells Prachi is the culprit. Prachi tells she didn’t do anything. Inspector asks Prachi to take them to her room for checking. She takes them. Vikram asks Pallavi why she is trusting Nick’s kind of criminal words and doubting Prachi. Pallavi says she won’t stay calm until she exposes Prachi. Sahana says no need as she will stay with you as your daughter in law.

Episode ends.

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