Kumkum Bhagya 6th April 2021 Written Update: Aliya demands to see Gayathri face


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Episode starts with Pandit says this marriage can’t happen because won’t last more than a month. Aliya asks how can he say it. Pandit says Mandap is ruined and it’s inauspicious. Aliya shouts at Gayathri for ruining Mandap. Gayathri says he started it. Dadi says stop your argument and this marriage won’t happen like Pandit said. Tanu asks Pandit to start their marriage. Aliya says true, we are educated people and won’t believe these superstitions so lets set the mandap. Rhea calls Bahadur to set the mandap. Vikram tells to Aliya to stop the marriage but Aliya won’t listen his words saying she won’t believe superstitions. Pallavi says everything is set so start the marriage. Pandit looks confused than Tanu says i will prove Pandit superstitions are wrong by leading happy married life with Abhi. Pragya looks tensed.

Abhi says I can’t marry in this dirty dress. Tanu asks Aliya to change Abhi dress. Aliya asks Gayathri to set Abhi clothes by taking him upstairs. Prachi opens the cupboard and her photos with Ranbir fell down and she cries reminscing their old moments. Abhi asks Gayathri to clean his dress quickly. Ranbir says don’t clean than this marriage get halted. Abhi asks what you mean? I have to marry Tanu to get balloons and chocolates. Pragya says Abhi is stubborn so I have to do it. Ranbir says so much is happening but no-one cares and Rhea went to kitchen to drink water. Gayathri about to rushes out and she dashes with Aliya. Aliya takes Abhi with her. Ranbir asks Pragya why she is going to kitchen leaving Abhi. Pragya says few days before water was short circuited because of fridge and what if something happens to Rhea. Ranbir says I got an idea, if their is short circuit than their will be no power at home and Marriage can be delayed. Pragya agrees and they goes to fuse room.

Aliya makes Abhi sit in the mandap and she asks Pandit to finish the marriage in 15minutes. Pandit asks for mangalsutra. Mitali goes to get it from her room. Pandit asks elder of house to do the Gadbandan. Aliya signs Dadi to do it. Dadi goes unwillingly. Mitali hears voice from meter room and she notices shadow and thinks someone had entered the home and she moves forward and notices Pragya face and at that time Ranbir removes fuse and current goes off. Aliya asks everyone to switches on their torch and she asks Dadi to console Abhi until Power comes back. Abhi asks for Gayathri. Dadi goes to bring Gayathri. Vikram says seems like short circuit happened. Rhea goes back to Mandap after drinking water. Vikram goes to check what happened. Aliya asks Bahadur to lit the candles. Tanu goes to Pallavi room to set her Makeup.

Mitali lits up matchstick to see Pragya. Ranbir scares Mitali and he leaves out with Pragya. Pragya says Abhi might be worried because he hates darkness. They goes to Mandap. Rhea gives company to Abhi. Abhi tells her Gayathri is his best friend. Rhea asks if she can become his best friend. Abhi says best friend is one only. Mitali runs to downstairs and informs Aliya that she saw the devil Pragya. Aliya says stop your nonsense and get Mangalsutra. Gayathri asks when is Muhurta. Pandit says 30m left than Rahukal get started. Aliya says 30m is fine than power came back. Aliya goes to get Tanu from Pallavi room. Ranbir asks Pragya to stop Aliya to implement their next plan. Pragya stops Aliya with her weird questions. Ranbir goes upstairs saying he needs charger. Aliya asks why you’re trying to stop me? Gayathri says you may go to jail if this marriage happens because Abhi health condition is not good. Aliya says how dare you. Gayathri says stop it otherwise I will complain to judge. Aliya doubts her and questions who are you, show me your face.