Kumkum Bhagya 6th March 2023 Written Update: A golden opportunity for Ranbir


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The episode starts with Prachi testing if Khushi is awake. Khushi sleeps and doesn’t respond. Prachi says I love you Khushi and disconnects the call. Ranbir looks on. Prachi thinks Ranbir used to sleep hearing her lullaby. She decides to not think about Ranbir again. Ranbir returns home. Pallavi comes there and asks if he came. Ranbir apologises to her for coming late. He asks her to sleep. Pallavi asks him what happened as he looks tense. Ranbir asks how she finds he is in tension. Pallavi says she can feel it and her breath gets halted when he is in pain.

Ranbir says exactly the same happened to him when he saw Khushi is about to meet with an accident. Pallavi asks if Khushi is fine. Ranbir says Khushi is fine but I went lifeless with the thought what if something happens to Khushi? Pallavi says you’re feeling like the parent of Khushi and you want Khushi to fulfill the incompleteness in your life which made by Panchi’s absence. Ranbir thinks Prachi is also wanted to adopt Khushi. Pallavi asks what’s he thinking. Ranbir thinks Prachi and he are dreaming of the same. He dreams of living happily with Prachi and Khushi. Pallavi asks Ranbir to sleep and leaves.

Akshay sees the ring. He thinks about Prachi. On another side, Prachi asks the moon to make her get Khushi and tells the moon that she feels incomplete without Khushi. Ranbir asks the moon to remove thoughts of Prachi from his heart and says he just wants Khushi in his life. Ranbir requests moon to keep Akshay away from Prachi as I know what Akshay feels for her. Akshay thinks about how to tell his heart as it always wants Prachi and thinks about her. She hopes Prachi accepts his proposal one day.

The next day, Kaya meets Ranbir and tells him that she is giving an individual project to him and asks him to not to do any blunders. Ranbir thanks her for trusting him. Kaya asks him to arrange finances too. Ranbir says he will take care of everything and hugs her in happiness. Kaya says she rejects the project if he does anything wrong. Ranbir agrees and tells her he won’t let her point out his work. Kaya wishes him luck and leaves.

Prachi reaches the office. Ashok calls Prachi. Prachi apologises to him for coming late. Ashok says it’s fine and no need to apologise. Prachi asks if he is fine as he is not getting angry even if she comes late to the office. Ashok asks her to stop teasing him. He wishes her good morning then he thanks Akshay for releasing Akshay from the police station. Akshay calls Prachi. Prachi attends the call and goes to meet Akshay. Prachi sees Akshay is not in the cabin. She takes Balia’s file. Akshay comes there. Prachi gives him a file. Akshay turns on ac but it doesn’t work then he turns on the fan. Papers fall in all directions. They collect them. Akshay tries to close the door but he doesn’t and calls Prachi for help.

Prachi closes the door and says she is strong. Akshay lost himself in Prachi. Prachi asks why he looks nervous. Akshay looks on. Ranbir feels happy and decides to make the project successful for his family. Vikram calls Ranbir. Ranbir in happy tears says gik hi. Vikram asks what happened. Pallavi asks him to put the phone on speaker. Ranbir shares the good news with everyone that he got a big project to fulfill their dreams.

Episode ends.

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