KumKum Bhagya 7th July 2022 Written Update: Prachi warns Ranbir not to look at her


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The episode starts with Rhea shouting on Alia. Alia says she has to listen to her or she will have to see even worse days. Rhea laughter at her and says people give birth to a child for their future. But now my fake child is going to give me my authority. Rhea walks away. Alia thinks she couldn’t be wrong about Prachi someone must have stopped her last time. Alia comes to the conclusion it’s Daljeet. I will make a plan so that Daljeet will tell Prachi to leave the house.

Prachi runs into Ranbir while carrying paper flowers and they fall on them. Prachi walks away. Prachi is about to fall and Ranbir catches her. Ranbir tells her to be careful as he might not be there gor her everytime. Prachi says you never came as you are busy looking after your pregnant wife. Prachi is about walk away. Ranbir holds her hand and doesn’t let her. Ranbir says he is tired of her and mom and telling him what how he has to live his life. Ranbir says he can do a lot next time.

Alia talks to herself Rhea is my only family how can I stand it when she talks to me like this. I am going to plan something so that Daljeet doesn’t know what happened. Alia calls someone and says to come here tomorrow night as there is a birthday party.

While Prachi is busy with the decorators Ranbir just looks at her and doesn’t do anything. Prachi looks at him and goes to him and tells him not to look at her. Ranbir tells Stanley to check if there is a rule that I should not look at my wife. Stanley checks and says there is no rule like that you can look at your wife anywhere and bu doing like that is called love. Ranbir says see now internet is also saying that by doing this there is a lot of chemistry between us.

Rhea and Alia see how while Prachi is working Ranbir just looks at her. Rhea tries to walk away but Prachi tries to talk to her. Alia doesn’t allow Prachi to talk and tell her to stay away. Prachi says they are sisters they will sort out their differences by talking. Alia says then talk to her and see if Rhea is interested. Rhea tells her to stay quiet. Prachi says she just wants her to be happy. Rhea says she can see what is she doing. Rhea walks away and Prachi tries to go after her but Alia stops her. Pallavi goes after Rhea.

Dida asks Prachi what Alia talked to her. Prachi says it’s an old matter and asks Dida to finalise the design with Rakesh. Prachi leaves. Her saree touches Ranbir’s hand and he feels good. Pallavi follows Rhea and questions her about what’s the matter. Rhea in tears asks her to leave her alone. Pallavi asks her to tell them what’s the matter. Rhea says I know you started liking Prachi. Alia comes there. Rhea says you guys don’t care about my baby so I want to take care of my baby.

Rhea tells Pallavi that she would have asked Prachi to leave when she got her pregnancy news, but you didn’t and whenever I see her, I feel afraid about my baby. Pallavi says no need to worry about her as I asked her to leave and I asked Mummy Ji to send her. Rhea says she is not leaving and it might be my fault to see her. Alia asks what happened to her. Rhea says she is not feeling good. Pallavi promises her that she will settle everything. Alia asks if she is fine. Rhea says she is not feeling well. Pallavi goes to call the doctor by telling Ranbir.

Rhea sits in a chair cooly. Alia asks if she is fine. Rhea says now she is fine after sending Pallavi. Dida asks Rakesh to show more designs to her. Ranbir stares at Prachi. Prachi and Dida notice him. Prachi adjusts flowers. Dida gets worried seeing Stanely seeing Ranbir. Pallavi asks Ranbir to call Doctor. Prachi says she will prepare homemade medicine. Ranbir asks Pallavi to give chance to Prachi. Pallavi goes to call Doctor. Alia asks Rhea why she accused her. Rhea says she wants to make Pallavi feel she has problems with everyone and now she will settle everything and I’m making Ranbir a father so he needs to come to me.

Alia says he is not behaving like a father. Rhea says he is good so I will make him feel guilty to do what I need and after this party, I will make him give attention to me. Prachi gives a drink to Rhea and asks her to drink. Rhea drinks it. Ranbir sees them. Prachi feeds soup to Rhea. Dida tells Ranbir that Doctor said to Pallavi everything is fine and common in pregnancy. Rhea says Alia will feed her. Prachi leaves from there telling Ranbir everything is fine and thinks no one cares for her baby and she tells her baby sorry baby they don’t know you’re the first child of Ranbir. Ranbir thinks it may be good if you reveal the pregnancy to everyone.

Episode ends.

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