Kumkum Bhagya 7th March 2023 Written Update: Investors refused to help Ranbir


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The episode starts with Ranbir on call informing his family that he got his first independent project. Dadi says Maata Rani listened to their prayers and Ranbir will become a big businessman like before. Pallavi congratulates him. Ranbir says this project will bring back their family’s happiness and he is doing this for his family. Pallavi says they are so happy. She asks Vikram why he looks tense. Vikram says a big project means big finance and asks Ranbir if thought about me.

Ranbir says he will think about it as just now he got the project. Vikram sends he will send the associate number. Ranbir says Mehta wants to work with me and I will take his help. Vikram says yes, he can help. Ranbir says he will make his family happy. Vikram and Pallavi wish him luck. Ranbir thanks them and cuts the call. Pallavi, Vikram, Dida, and Aryan share a group hug. Vikram sends the associate number to Ranbir.

Prachi asks Akshay to tell if he has any problems. Akshay says the door is jammed and this is the problem. Prachi says she will solve it and asks him to not scold anyone. Akshay agrees and thinks Prachi is correct. Ranbir meets Mr. Mehta with project details. Mr. Mehta refuses to help Ranbir and tells him that he can’t take risks by investing in his project. Ranbir rebukes him then he goes and meets Balwinder. Balwinder says he will help him and asks him to give 50% profit share. Ranbir says he will think about it. Balwinder says you’re not ok with the deal but remember that no one in the market helps you as you’re not like before. Ranbir feels disappointed and leaves.

Kaya calls Ranbir and asks where is he. Ranbir tells her he is in office. She asks him to come. Ranbir goes to Kaya’s cabin. Kaya asks him why he didn’t submit the excel sheet on time. Ranbir says it’s done but there is a big problem. Kaya asks what’s it. Ranbir tells her investors are not ready to help him in the market. Kaya says this is my reaction if the excel sheet is submitted 3m late then think about what happens if the project submission is delayed. She says you know that I hate people who don’t value time. Ranbir says I know and requests her to give him one more day time. Kaya stares at him. Ranbir asks if she is removing him. Kaya tells him she will make him meet the investor who invests seeing the future and capability of the project. Ranbir requests her to make him get an appointment.

Kaya calls her dad’s friend Ashok and tells him to finance Ranbir’s project. Ashok says I will do but I’m not in the Delhi office so ask him to meet Akshay immediately who is on the fifth floor. Kaya thanks him. She asks Ranbir to meet Akshay tandon whose office is on the 5th floor. Ranbir asks if he is the Akshay he knows. Kaya asks him to leave. Ranbir thanks her for help and leaves. Kaya says Mr. Ranbir Kohli, you are different and Kaya likes something unusual always that’s why helping you.

In the discussion room, Ashok waits for Akshay. Prachi says he will come. Akshay comes there. Ashok scolds him for coming 10m late and says he reach on time even if he missed the flight. Akshay tells him their discussion is wasting more time so let’s concentrate on work. Ashok says he is ordering like a boss. He asks Harsh to start ppt. Prachi asks Ashok to ask Akshay to sit. Akshay says he is the boss. Akshay apologises to him and says he will be on time next time. Harsh starts ppt. Akshay stops Harsh and asks them to fire the photographer. Prachi asks if she told him. Peach says no. Akshay asks what’s happening. Ashok says Prachi didn’t like it too but I like it. He asks if he has better photography. Akshay says yes and sends Priya to get the laptop. Akshay asks who’s the photographer. Ashok says it’s my friend and sometimes we need to help. Prachi smiles.

Pandit calls everyone for aarti. He asks Khushi if she told her mom. Khushi says no as she won’t allow me. Pandit asks her to bring Agarbatti. Khushi agrees and while going she meets Pallavi, Dida, and Aryan. She happily meets them. Pallavi asks how she is here. Khushi tells them she comes here for aarti. She asks them to come daily to grant their wishes from Maatarani. Pallavi says she will pray. Khushi asks if she is sad. Khushi says no as Khushi is in front of me. Khushi tajes them to Pandit and asks him to do special puja for her family. Pandit agrees and asks Khushi to get agarbatti. Khushi goes downstairs and meets Shahana. Pallavi and Dida ask Maata rani to give them Khushi.

Episode ends.

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