Kumkum Bhagya 9th April 2021 Written Update: Abhi regains his memory and leaves to meet Pragya


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Episode starts with Pragya goes to Mandir and tells to Maata Rani that I’m giving you the last chance to keep my faith alive so you have to return my husband to me than she starts the Aarti and demands the God to either give her Abhi by curing him or end her life. Lightening strikes in sky which makes Abhi restless. Nurse tries to close window but it won’t happen and suddenly Abhi wakes up from sleep and screams Pragya name while reminscing their marriage and everything. Pragya can sense it and feels happy.

Ranbir sees Prachi is still at office and asks if she didn’t go. Prachi says I’m going, do you have any work. Ranbir says my car got repaired, do you have any mechanic number. Prachi says i don’t have any mechanic number because I’m not your personal secretary than she calls Supriya and gets the number of mechanic and give it to Ranbir. Ranbir contacts mechanic than he thanks Prachi. Prachi about to leave than Ranbir says how will you go because it’s raining heavily so wait til weather calm downs. Prachi walks to her chair but drops the file, Ranbir gives that file to her and leaves from her chamber.

Everyone hears Abhi shout. Dadi and Rhea happily thinks Abhi regained his memory. Aliya and Mitali looks tensed. Dadi hurts her feet while going upstairs than Rhea makes her sit in sofa. Aliya says Abhi regained his memory so he can never forgive Tanu. Mitali says he won’t forgive us too. Pragya about to leave saying Abhi is calling her name. Saritha stops her saying it’s your illusion. Pragya breakdown in Saritha arms. Abhi reminsces everything how he get shot after marrying Pragya than he asks nurse about Pragya. Mitali says Abhi won’t forgive you if he gets to know you bought Tanu back to home. Aliya says maybe he only remembered Pragya not Tanu and they goes to meet Abhi. Dadi tells to Rhea that she is fine and they goes upstairs.

Abhi comes out from room and asks where is she. Mitali asks if he is asking for Tanu. Abhi asks where is Pragya than he notices Rhea in tears and asks why are you crying Princess. Rhea felt emotional and hugs him and asks if he remembered everything. Abhi says what happened to me, where is your Mom. Dadi hugs Abhi in tears and blesses him to stay safe always. Abhi says he got saved because of everyone blessings. Dadi asks if he remembered that he got shot in head. Abhi says I remembered everything and I got my life back after marrying Pragya but some villian’s adamant to separate us however I’m back but where Pragya.

Aliya says Pragya is at her place. Abhi wants to bring Pragya to home. Aliya says why you want to bring the person who left you on stretcher when you needed the treatment. Dadi says it’s not truth. Abhi says I don’t remembered the stretcher matter but Pragya is the one who saved my life. Aliya says you’re wrong because treatment gets started when we came to hospital.

Dadi asks Aliya to tell full truth than Dadi tells to Abhi that noone allowed Pragya near you that’s why she entered to our house like servant Gayathri and she is the reason that you got cured and he tells to Abhi how Aliya threatened her to throw from house if she supports Pragya and tells him how Aliya used to beat him with stick and tells him everything in tears. Abhi promises her he will set everything and goes to bring Pragya.

Rhea consoles Dadi. Aliya says you complained to Bhai so much still he didn’t said anything to me. Dadi leaves says Abhi will set everything. Rhea asks Aliya why she lied to her that Pragya didn’t came to asks about her Dad health. Aliya says she came for your Dad’s property so go to your room. Rhea goes. Tanu overhears everything and about to leave but Aliya stops her.

Ranbir asks Prachi if she wants to have coffee, she agrees than he asks her to prepare it for both of them. Prachi about to leave but she accidentally slips because of carpet, Ranbir catches her and both losts in eachother.

Episode ends.

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