KumKum Bhagya 9th May 2022 Written Update: Ranbir search for a way to prove Prachi’s innocence


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The episode starts with Rhea and Aliya demand for Prachi’s arrest. Ranbir says no need to arrest Prachi as we had issues and she loosened railing screws for me and I don’t want to file any case on her. Inspector asks if he is trying to save her. Prachi tells she doesn’t need anyone’s support as she was not at home at that time. Inspector asks Prachi to prove her innocence within 5 days otherwise they will take action against her. Ranbir thanks him and asks how can she prove her innocence. Inspector tells him that Prachi has to prove that she was not at home by proving she went out with proof. Sahana hears it and thinks Prachi doesn’t want to reveal about her pregnancy.

Ranbir comes out and sees Prachi. Rhea sits beside him. Prachi and Sahana sit backside. They return home. Pallavi asks why the police didn’t arrest Prachi. Prachi says she is at a place where she has to. Ranbir asks her to not talk Pallavi in that way. Pallavi says no need to tell her as she is shameless. Ranbir says Police gave her 5 days and we can’t call her culprit until it’s proved so don’t call her Culprit and he asks them to not create any scene at home telling he needs peace. Ranbir leaves from there.

Ranbir calls someone and asks him to meet him at 9 pm telling he needs to investigate something. Prachi meets Ranbir and asks if he really feels that she did wrong. Ranbir says he is sure that she did something wrong. Aliya says everything is going wrong in this house. Pallavi and Dida ask her to tell the matter. Aliya says there is no peace in the lives of Ranbir and Rhea because of Prachi. Aliya asks Pallavi when she helps her son as he is mentally not fine. Prachi asks if he is sure. He agrees. Prachi is about to leave. Ranbir asks is it over. Prachi asks what he means. Ranbir says you don’t want to take my help that’s why I said in that way and if I feel you can do it then I may never help you. Ranbir asks if she remembers that she wants to go far from me. Prachi says even you want to stay with Rhea. He asks when he says. She says it’s visible as he is with her everytime. Ranbir says you’re declaring it so save it and it doesn’t matter what I think in this matter as it matters what the court and Police think. Prachi asks who kept the tool kit in her room. Ranbir asks if she is suspecting him. Prachi says you’re right that our issue gets increased if we talk. She leaves.

Sahana meets Ranbir and tells him to save Prachi who’s innocent. Prachi comes to her room. She asks Rhea what’s she doing in her room. Rhea shows her calendar and tells her that 5 days are left for her and after 5 days you will be out of this room and I will be in. Rhea says I thought we had war in this matter but it’s visible that you’re already accepted the defeat. Rhea says to Prachi that she needs time to decorate her room. When she comes into this room she doesn’t want to remember Prachi. Rhea says she needs to take some rest and shows that her hand is not hurt to Prachi. Prachi thinks of what she said.

Episode ends.

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