One of the Goons Entered at the Ganesha Pandal had Attacked Prachi


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There is a huge twist about to be in the latest episode of Kum Kum Bhagya. One of the goons entered at the Ganesha Pandal had attacked Prachi and kept a knife on her neck and they are blackmailing the family. Also Meera gets aware that the smuggler is blackmailing the Pandit. Hearing the goons Meera gets very scared. Meera is about to leave the scene but suddenly the smuggler catches her gives her a chloroform dose to inhale. Meera get unconscious after inhaling the chloroform. Disha joins at Abhi’s place for pooja. Purab and Disha once again face each other here and Alia gets frustrated seeing them greeting and talking each other.

Aliya starts to think whether Disha has purposefully came here to take Purab away from her. A new character Rishabh has entered the show. Rishabh is grandson of Sarita Behen. Rishabh tells Pragya that he is working as an intern with Mr. Mehra at his office. In the meanwhile Prachi is trying to expose Ranveer. She wants Riya to realize that Ranveer cannot be faithful to anyone.

In the upcoming episode you will see that Meera is getting her senses back. As soon as Meera tells everyone the truth about the goons, they will point a knife at Prachi. They will ask for all the jewelries to be given to them. At the same time Abhi will enter the house and he sees his daughter being kept at the point of a knife, and that her life is in danger.

The interesting part is that the goon is no one else but an old friend of Abhi. Abhi loves his daughter very much and warns the goons that he will kill them if his daughter is hurt. There will be a lot of interesting things happening in today’s episode. How Abhi saves Riya from the clutches of the goons will be great thing to see. Also Pragya will try to get to know a lot about Mr. Mehra from Rishabh.