Love Triangle will bring a twist in the story, Rishabh is falling for Prachi!

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Riya Mehra is quite sure that if Ranveer loves truly to someone, it will be her. Ranveer will not have someone other than Riya in his heart. Riya asks Ranveer to propose to Prachi. Riya is doing all this on a very planned trick. Riya has asked Ranveer to pretend to be in love with Prachi and the break her heart. But this pretending of love is going to turn in true emotions. Upcoming episode will showcase how close Ranveer is to Prachi.

In the meanwhile, Meera has somehow set herself free from the clutches of smugglers. She instantly calls Abhi but he does not picks her call. Prachi comes face to face with Meera and tells her everything what is happening in the house. Everyone gets scared  as soon as Meera tells them about the goons.

Abhi’s family beats the thieves when they realize that they have stolen Ganapati’s garments. Alia saves Riya when the goons try to put a knife on Riya’s neck. Purab gets very angry when Disha faces trouble. Seeing Purab’s care for Disha, Alia gets very angry. Disha is also astonished to see Purab caring so much about her and how much he still loves her. Alia realize that Purab loves Disha very much even though he says that he loves Alia very much.

Rsihabh faces Prachi in Sarita’s house. He starts to like Prachi. Rishabh is going to join the office of Mr. Mehra along with Prachi. Upcomign episode will bring a lot of twists in the story because Ranveer wants to come close to Prachi. It will be interesting to see who is the love partner of Prachi.

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