KumKum Bhagya Upcoming Story 13th November 2020 : Sanju plans to make Prachi gets killed by Ranbir


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Episode starts with Saritha realises Prachi can be in that bag and follows Sanju. Sanju locks himself in room and informs to Aliya that he caught to Saritha because of Prachi phone. Aliya asks where is he. Sanju says he is at store room. Aliya asks him to escape from window. Sanju thinks Saritha might be gone because their is no voice. Saritha goes to Pragya and informs everything to her and says that that Man is not opening the door. Pragya asks where is that room and they goes to that room.

Ranbir in Ram attire reminsces his Mom words that’s he must engaged to Rhea. Pallavi calls Ranbir to come quickly and than she assures Rhea that Ranbir will do according her wishes.

Pragya sees room is empty. Shahana says maybe it can be other person ringtone and previously room can be jammed. Pragya calls Prachi number and gets busy so they thinks she may talking with Ranbir. Shahana asks Ranbir whether he is talking with Prachi one minute before. Ranbir nods yes to someone but Shahana thinks it’s yes to her question and informs to Pragya happily. Rhea and Aliya thinks Prachi deserves Sanju. Vikram takes Ranbir with him. Pragya leaves out after getting call from Pallavi. Saritha notices some traces in room than Shahana calls Ranbir again and got to know that Ranbir didn’t talked to her. Sanju makes Prachi phone busy and he thinks that Prachi family can’t found it even when he takes her Infront of them in bag.

Sanju comes out from room, Abhi caughts him and asks him to show the bag. Sanju gets shocked than Abhi tries to pull his beard but Sanju men hit Abhi from back with stick and he lost consciousness. Pragya senses it. Sanju men goes to get vehicle. Sanju hides seeing Pragya. Pragya and Raj notices Abhi is Unconscious and they take him to room. Pragya asks Raj to call doctor and Raj goes to warn Guards for protection keeping Pragya with Abhi. Pragya request him to open the eyes. Saritha sees them and thinks what relation Pragya have with Mr Mehra.

Sanju asks his men to come to his room. Prachi gains conscious and thinks to run but Sanju caughts her and closes her mouth, Prachi throws him and in this process his beard comes off and Prachi scolds him. Sanju says he wants to marry her. Prachi says it’s better to die than marry him. Sanju asks what’s with that Ranbir? Prachi says he loves me and value my feelings unlike you. Sanju reminsces Aliya insults than asks do you love Ranbir right? Prachi says yes and he is my life and your love is not even enough to touch Ranbir feet. Sanju ties Prachi and says Ranbir will kill you Infront of everyone because I will keep you in Ravan and you will die in RavanDhahan for rejecting me and Ranbir will die after seeing your death.

Abhi gains conscious. Pragya asks whether he is fine. Abhi says yes and get tears. Pragya asks what happened. Abhi says happy tears. Pragya asks how this happened. Abhi says how he caught dancer with bag. Pragya says Saritha ji heard ringtone from that bag. Abhi says it means Prachi is kidnapped. Pragya says Prachi is not safe. Abhi says I have to save my daughter. Shahana asks Saritha about Pragya. Saritha reminsces she is with Mer Mehra and says let’s search Prachi. Sanju ties Prachi to Ravan idol. Sanju men asks him to rethink otherwise Bhabhi will die. Sanju says Prachi makes me do it and I will see it when she is dying because I got hate when I love her and it’s punishment for you.