KumKum Bhagya Upcoming Story 19th October 2020 : Ranbir arranges surprise proposal fir Prachi


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Episode starts with Tai and Mitali sees Rhea and tries to talk with her but Rhea leaves without answering them. They informs this to Aliya. Aliya sees Riya phone and notices Pragya missed calls and goes behind Rhea asking what happened to her but Rhea locks the door. Aliya asks her to open the door. Rhea shouts her to leave her alone. Tai takes Aliya with her. Mitali thinks to inform it to Abhi.

Abhi reaches to home and calls everyone saying he have happy news for them and asks Mitali to brings the sweets but everyone stays silent. Abhi asks what happened.

Vikram informs to Pallavi and Beeji that Ranbir is back to home and asks them to won’t reveal their surprise. Ranbir happily asks why they are sitting normally without welcoming him. Pallavi says leave it and asks him to do works. Ranbir agrees thinking they make him do Shagun work but family members assign them normal works. Ranbir says I’m not worker and talk to me about Marriage and other arrangements. Vikram says in phone I’m talking about my marriage and sideeffects. Ranbir says he heard it correctly that it’s his marriage and announces that he is ready for marriage. Beeji and Pallavi,Vikram says that you’re still young for marriage so wait for 3or 4 years. Ranbir gets tensed. Vikram leaves with Pallavi. Beeji about to reveal something but she leaves after Ranbir getting call.

Aryan asks Ranbir to propose Prachi properly to get her answer because morning proposal is incomplete. Ranbir agrees to talk with Prachi. Aryan asks him to inform him after he gets answer from Prachi. Ranbir agrees and thinks to take Shahana help.

Shahana teases Prachi and says everyone likes Ranbir. Prachi says I didn’t said I love Ranbir. Saritha says it’s fine if you won’t like him, I will get him married to Shahana because Ranbir is good guy. Prachi gets shocked. Saritha says see how her faced and we are not going snatch your groom and we are going for shopping so practice how to meet your in law’s taking Shahana help and leaves. Prachi goes out saying she don’t need Shahana help. Shahana gets Ranbir call and he asks for her help and she agrees to help him.

While going out Saritha asks whom you’re calling. Pragya says she is calling Rhea. Saritha asks Pragya to thinks about her daughter. Pragya says she feels Rhea like her daughter. Saritha leaves saying how can you think about person who wants to harm your daughter.

Prachi searches Saritha to give her tea. Shahana asks Prachi to leave it and takes Prachi to some place. Prachi asks why they came here. Manager asks Shahana to call him if she needs anything and goes out. Prachi asks what’s happening, why restaurant is empty. Shahana says maybe because of lockdown. Prachi sees door gets locked and asks Shahana to enquire about it and bangs the door. Shahana asks manager to open the door and leaves out.

Prachi gets tensed but sumiles seeing Ranbir coming Downstairs while playing Guitar. Prachi asks us it your plan? Ranbir says yes because my first moment interrupted and I planned this surprise to know your answer from you and he proposes her and asks her to won’t reject him saying he can’t live with out her. Rhea says Prachi snatched my love from me and Dad,Aunt promised me to get Ranbir from me but now he belongs to Prachi so I will kill myself.