KumKum Bhagya Upcoming Story 1st September 2020 : Ranbir follows Sanju car


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Episode starts with Abhi asks why it’s tough to get bail for Prachi. Lawyer says it’s tough because theft happened at her place and police will blame Prachi mom too. Abhi gets shocked. Pragya reach to Abhi office and says she wants to meet Mr Mehra. Pragya get call from Saritha saying don’t say him big things. This time Receptionist informs Abhi that someone wants to meet him. Abhi asks her to wait. Pragya says she can’t wait and goes to meet Mr Mehra. Employee informs Abhi that Prachi mom is coming to meet him than he gets Ranbir call.

Ranbir makes Riya sit in sofa and nurses her leg. Pallavi teases him and than asks you’re sleeping in upstairs than how you come with Riya. Riya says I met Ranbir at police station because he went to meet Maya. Pallavi asks did you go to meet Prachi. Ranbir says yes mom. Than Riya leaves once she get Aliya call and informs her that Maya plan worked perfectly. Aliya asks her to meet her room saying she got Sanju call. Riya says we are almost caught because of Sanju Nd im coming to your room. Pallavi says you lied to me Vikram and Ranbir break your friendship with Prachi. Ranbir reminds Prachi behaviour with him and says she will break our friendship and I don’t think she will like me so congratulations it’s over. Riya feels happy thinking she breaked these 2 friendship using Maya.

Pallavi and Vikram follows him but he goes to room and locks the door and asks them to leave him. Ranbir notices Aryan sleeping in his room. Aryan asks what happened. Ranbir says I saw Sanju at station but don’t know what’s he doing. Vikram asks her to leave him for sometime. Pallavi says it’s happened because of you and calls Ranbir but he won’t reply than she leaves saying let’s talk later.

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Aryan says Sanju is involved in this case. Ranbir days true but I’m thinking how. Aryan asks where you saw him. Ranbir says at police station. Pragya goes to Abhi room without listening anyone.

Riya happily hugs Aliya and informs her that she used Maya to reveal truth to Prachi saying Ranbir tried to take Maya help and Prachi blasted at him and now Ranbir is feeling their friendship is over because they are not even gonna talk with eachother. Aliya happily congratulate her and asks Riya to know the Sanju location to send their money. Riya calls Sanju and he thanks her for releasing his men. Riya asks where to bring the money. Sanju asks her to come to his house. Riya goes with money.

Ranbir follows Sanju car and reminds how he got to know the address of Sanju in bail papers through SI help. Sanju thinks no-one can trace him.

Pragya says how can you say to me you’re busy after ruining my daughter life? You used to say she is like your daughter but if you want than Prachi will be out of jail but than she gets stunned.

Prachi smiles seeing the laddo while reminsces her moments with Ranbir and thinks Im not getting what I’m feeling for you than what to say you, I’m feeling good when you’re near me and am I really loving him? If Maya didn’t come than I may confessed to him that I love him.

Lawyer removes his ear phones and asks who are you. Pragya says how you know me when you forget Prachi. Lawyer says we are trying to save her. Pragya says don’t play dramas, you let her make arrested Infront of you. Lawyer gets confused and than says I’m not the one you’re thinking I’m Mr Mehra lawyer he left from Private lift. Pragya says don’t lie to me. Lawyer gives his card saying he is Rakesh and informs her that Abhi left after getting Ranbir call and Receptionist didn’t mentioned that Prachi mom came to meet him and you can wait for him. Pragya says sorry to him. Lawyer says it’s okay I can understand you and leaves.