KumKum Bhagya Upcoming Story 27th November 2020 : Ranbir decides to leaves from his home for Prachi


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Episode starts with Prachi asks driver to be careful. Pragya reminsces her past moment with Abhi how he always used to say she is carrying daughters and promised to Abhi that she will keep their family united and clears her kids misunderstanding if they fight regarding any topic. Pragya gets emotional. Prachi hugs her and asks why she gets seperated from Abhi. Pragya says she will answer every question once Rhea comes out from jail.

Ranbir thinks to show how adamant he is to marry Prachi and he Shouts to open the door. Vikram goes to open the door. Pallavi complains to Beeji and Beeji says she is using wrong way to stop Ranbir. Pallavi says what if Ranbir marries Prachi like he dies engagement with her. Vikram about to open the door but Pallavi stops him and asks Vikram to give her sometime. Ranbir shouts to open. Pallavi says he is talking rudely with us because if that Prachi. Ranbir asks Pallavi to not say anything against Prachi. Pallavi she will say it and takes Vikram with her. Ranbir tries to break the door.

Pragya goes to police station with Prachi and asks Inspector to take Prachi statement to release Rhea. Prachi confesses that they want to take their complaint saying Rhea is innocent. Inspector says Rhea bail is already happened and she went with her Dad. Pragya thanks Inspector and they goes to Abhi place.

Aryan enters Ranbir room with Bag through window and asks where they are planning to go. Ranbir says he wants to go alone and informs Aryan everything that he is planning to leave home. Aryan asks him to think another plan and assures him that he will help him. Ranbir says he already thought everything and I’m going this for Prachi. Aryan goes saying he will come in 2minutes.

Pallavi says to Vikram that Ranbir goes silent and in the same way he understand us and marry Rhea. Aryan comes downstairs from Ranbir room and Pallavi asks how he came downstairs. Aryan says Ranbir breaked his room doors and his love for Prachi is true but today he is doing something bad and I helped him. Pallavi asks what Ranbir doing. Aryan sats Ranbir is leaving from home and asks Pallavi to accept his alliance with Prachi. Pallavi stops him.

Aliya asks Mitali to not allow Pragya inside their house and she goes to talk with Abhi. Pragya and Prachi reaches to Abhi house. Prachi tensed to meet her sister. Pragya assures her that Rhea and Abhi tonne love her and she rings the calling bell. Mitali opens the door. Pragya introduces Mitali to Prachi and about to enter inside but Mitali stop her saying she lost her right to enter home for sending Rhea to jail. Pragya says she came to meet her Rhea and warns Mitali to leave her hand. Mitali leaves her hand and goes to bring Rhea downstairs. Rhea comes to them. Pragya happily goes to Rhea and tells her that her bail happened before they reach to police station and about to touch her but Rhea shouts to never touch touch her and says that she is not her daughter.

Abhi says Pragya can never do this with Rhea. Aliya tries to instigate but Abhi says I saw truth in Pragya eyes so stop it. Aliya says please listen my words for our family. Abhi agrees. Aliya says in these 20 years Pragya didn’t changed and suddenly she wants to enter Pragya life, you fulfilled Rhea dreams and Pragya wants to take revenge on you that why she send Rhea to jail. Abhi says you kept so much poison in your heart for Pragya. Aliya asks Abhi to think about Rhea. Abhi throws Rhea out and asks her to not say anything against Pragya.

Pragya asks what’s she saying. Rhea says she is not her daughter. Prachi says you can’t talk with Mom in this way. Pragya asks Prachi to relax and tries to talk with Rhea but Rhea asks them to stop their drama and says that they are 20 years late. Meera thinks so she is Pragya. Rhea says it’s enough to fool me, I didn’t tried to kill Prachi after knowing she is my sister but you tried to hurt me and you don’t love me because you live Prachi and want to give pain to me. Prachi says stop it of Mom wants your arrest than why she take me to police station for your release? Rhea says why she complained? Prachi tells how she hits to know they are sisters. Rhea says she won’t consider them as family.