KumKum Bhagya Upcoming Story 28th August 2020 : Pragya gets shocked knowing Prachi is in police station


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Episode starts with Aliya consoles Riya and asks her to be happy because they are not caught. Than Abhi reaches to her room and asks why are you crying. Riya says won’t you feel bad if I reduce you’re less to be my dad.

Abhi says I feel Prachi like my daughter and that doesn’t mean I love you less, you both are like eyes to me. Riya says I’m not understanding. Aliya asks him to leave. Abhi says I must prove Prachi is innocent because my heart is saying she is innocent and I love you more because I came back to know how you’re even when police takes Prachi and he hugs her and leaves.

Ranbir says I’m feeling useless because I can’t help Prachi and you know right how hard Prachi used to work in company. Vikram says I know Prachi is innocent but we can’t explain it your mom and she will get angry if she knows I’m supporting you. Aryan asks them to think about Prachi.

Vikram asks Ranbir to escape from room through window to meet Prachi and assures him that he will manage. Ranbir happily hugs him and goes out from window. Aryan says uncle you’re scared of Aunty. Vikram says no but he gets tensed when Pallavi calls Ranbir.
Constable makes Thieves and Prachi sit on the table.

Prachi begs Thieves to reveal the truth in tears saying her life will get spoiled and asks them to tell why they are involving her in their crime. Thieves feels bad when she is requesting them like her brother than Santosh goes to constable and calls to Sanju from police station landline and informs him that they are in police station and explains how they caught and involved Prachi.

Sanju asks why you involved Prachi. Santhosh says Aliya said she will give us 2lakhs if I take Prachi name but this Prachi is very nice girl and I wish to reveal Aliya name to police. Sanju says don’t reveal Aliya name otherwise police will arrest me so don’t say anything, I will do something.

Vikram makes Aryan sleep on bed covering quilt. Pallavi asks what happened to Ranbir. Vikram says Ranbir is angry because you’re not allowing him to help her because she helped Ranbir when he is facing problems with Maya. Pallavi says I can’t support Prachi when she is wrong and she tries to wake up Aryan thinking Ranbir.

Vikram begs Pallavi to give sometime for Ranbir. Pallavi agrees and leaves from room. Aryan and Vikram gets relaxed. Aryan mocks Vikram for getting scared because of Pallavi and smiles saying you’re darkpok.

Shahaha reaches to police station and hugs Prachi. She sees Thieves and beats them for involving Prachi in their crime. Prachi stops her and asks her to inform everything to Pragya going home.

Shahaha bashes them. Constable asks them to stay silent and other constable takes Prachi sign and takes her inside. Thieves thinks one sister is Goddess and other one is like Pulandevi. Thieves discusses Aliya will take them out from station.

Aliya asks Riya to have Milkshake. Riya says she don’t need than she gets call from Sanju. Aliya asks her to attend the call but Riya says no than Aliya attends the call. Sanju says my men and Prachi gets arrested and it’s not happening like your Aunt’s plan. Aliya says its me than Sanju says I don’t want to talk with you, give phone to Riya.

Riya says I’m here. Sanju says I told you I can’t trust your Aunt and because of her my people and Prachi gets arrested. Aliya says I’m cutting the call. Sanju says my men will reveal your name if you cant help them so hire lawyer and release my men , I will think about what I have to do with Prachi and Ranbir.

Riya says don’t even think about Ranbir concentrate on your Prachi. Sanju says fine and asks them to arrange the money and lawyer. Aliya says fine.

Pragya angrily says why Prachi went to their home, she can resign her job going to offuce. Saritha manages saying Mr Mehra is good. Shahaha reaches home in tears and explains Pragya everything. Pragya asks where is Prachi. Shahana says in lockup.