KumKum Bhagya Upcoming Story 28th September 2020 : Ranbir gets shocked seeing Prachi’s accident


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Episode starts with Abhi meets Raj and his family and happily says Mehra family is back and says Pallavi scared me and searches for her. Pallavi brings Aliya and Riya too and asks how’s her surprise. Abhi says my Dadi and family is back so I’m feeling so happy. Vikram says this surprise is planned by me. Raju says it happened because if him. Mitali says it’s her mission. Vikram says I asked Pallavi to act and she did it perfectly. Beeji says she hided everyone. Ranbir says he is going to college. Abhi says he needs to leave for Bangalore meeting. Everyone says how he leave than Abhi agrees to do work from home. Riya to leaves behind Ranbir to college. Aliya thinks hope truck reaches to college on time than everything will happen according to my plan.

Riya thinks about how Ranbir and his family is loving Prachi and she thinks Ranbir expectations and Prachi will be no more.

Ranbir brings red roses to propose Prachi. Aryan teases saying he is becoming smart. Prachi and Shahana reaches to college on auto and Shahana asks Prachi to tell why Ranbir told to her last night. Prachi thinks about last night and says nothing. Shahana says I think Ranbir will propose you on this day. Prachi leaves saying you’re mad.

Riya asks her men to hit Prachi with truck. Goons asks for money. Riya asks them to leave saying they will get money once work us done. Ranbir brings greeting card for Prachi. Aryan says you’re so romantic. Ranbir says once Prachi comes near college gate than she gonna experience flower rain of my love. Aryan says so many plans. Ranbir says I have to do because she must know how much I love her.

Ranbir excitingly waits for Prachi. Riya sees him from car and thinks it’s my right to have those flowers and I won’t leave my right. Riya notices Prachi is coming with Shahana and asks his men to hit her. Ranbir hides flowers seeing Prachi and both lost in eachother and Prachi walks towards him.

Truck hits Prachi and Ranbir gets shocked and throws everything and goes to Prachi worried and cries badly. Throws flowers fell on them. Aryan,Shahana and Ranbir begs her to open eyes. Riya about to leave in her car but Ranbir and Shahana stops her and asks her to take them to the hospital. On the way Ranbir wakes up and assures her that everything will be fine once they reached to hospital. Prachi again lost her conscious. Shahana informs to Pragya that Prachi Mets with accident and asks her to reach city hospital quickly saying Prachi is losing so much blood. Saritha notices Pragya in tears and asks what happened. Pragya says Prachi met with accident and both leaves to hospital.

Ranbir won’t leave Prachi hand when doctor taking her to ICU. Shahana and doctor asks him to leave. Riya feels insecure. Ranbir breakdown once nurses take Prachi to ICU. Riya hugs him and thinks sorry Ranbir for hurting you but I can’t see you with Prachi. Shahana consoles Ranbir saying Prachi will be fine. Ranbir calls Abhi. Riya says don’t call him because he is going to Banglore. Abhi attends call. Ranbir informs him that Prachi Mets with accident and he remembers the driver face and truck number and he asks him to complaint to police. Abhi says Im cancelling my meeting and coming to hospital.

Riya asks what dad said. Ranbir says Chief is coming here cancelling his meeting. Goons thinks accident is happened because of Riya but why Riya takes that Prachi to hospital? Is she trying to make us caught? Other men says maybe she didn’t think like that. Goon says her number is not available but I will get money from her. Shahana cries badly. Ranbir consoles her saying everything will be fine.