Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Story 2nd October 2020 : Abhi pays hospital bill of Prachi


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The episode starts with Aryan asks whom you’re calling. Ranbir says I promised Prachi mom to Inform anything related to Prachi that’s why I’m calling her. Pragya attends the call and asks what’s happening. Saritha keeps phone in speaker. Ranbir says that he caught truck driver who makes Prachi accident.

Saritha asks where are they. Ranbir says they are at friends house because driver is in unconscious state. Pragya asks how it happened. Ranbir says come to this address than you will know why he makes Prachi accident. Saritha says she will send Pragya and cuts the call. Pragya asks how can I go leaving Prachi. Saritha says you have to found the person behind this accident.

Pragya says what about blood. Saritha says Abhi will bring his daughter so go and found the person. Pragya leaves while asking them to inform her every update.

Abhi says you want to hear Prachi’s death news. Aliya says she didn’t mean that. Abhi says her family is worried seeing her state and here Riya is paying for her death. Aliya says you can’t say this to your daughter. Abhi says Prachi is like my daughter too. Aliya says but not your real daughter.

Abhi says Prachi did so much for us but I don’t know how to say you my daughter after hearing these kind of words from you. Riya gets shocked. Aliya says you can’t say like that to Riya. Riya thinks why Aunt is making him more angry. Abhi says because of you Riya started thinking like you and wishing for Prachi death, He scolds Aaliya for not saying anything to Riya. He asks her whether Aliya also wants Prachi to die.

Mitali and Meera comes to that room. Aliya says you’re overreacting because you didn’t hear completely. Abhi asks still you’re supporting her. Meera asks what happened. Abhi asks her to know it from Riya and says Riya is Praying god for Prachi death. Aliya asks him to listen to Riya and says that Riya is worried for you thinking you can’t bear if something happens to Prachi but you’re scolding her.

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