KumKum Bhagya Upcoming Story 2nd September 2020 : Riya informs to Aliya that Sanju is arrested


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Episode starts with Abhi goes with Ranbir in his car and asks whether he is sure that it’s Sanju? Ranbir says he is so sure and says Sanju is master mind showing his car. Abhi calls Police. Sanju thinks no-one can caught him.

Riya reaches to Sanju gone and opens the lock with key under pot. Ranbir stops behind Sanju car and says to Abhi that it’s his agrees and he get it from bail papers. Sanju thinks to on Video recorder while taking the money from Riya to use it when they tries to overtake him. Abhi asks Ranbir to enter Sanju house from window. Riya notices Ranbir hides from him.

Abhi follows Sanju. Abhi places his feet on bottle than Sanju notice him and he thinks it’s Aliya plan to send her brother behind me to caught me than He calls Riya to record their conversation. Ranbir gets angry on Sanju for keeping Prachi pic in his house. Riya phone rings and than she cuts it immediately but Ranbir heards the ring and searches for that person thinking someone is involved with Sanju.

Riya won’t attend call than Sanju thinks whole family thinks to book me but I will call Aliya and record our conversation. Aliya asks Sanju to go underground for sometime. Sanju says I won’t believe you, you send your brother to caught me but if I get caught than I will reveal to your brother that you’re mastermind behind this plan. Aliya asks him to escape and says that she will end his life if he opens his mouth. Phone gets switched off.

Sanju goes to his room but he didn’t get key than he rings the calling bell. Ranbir opens the door. Abhi and Ranbir surrounds Sanju. Riya sees everything from her hiding spot.

Sanju tries to escape from Monty bag but Ranbir and Abhi caughts him and beats him to reveal why he did it to Prachi Nd asks him to accept his crime. Sanju says I stealed that money according their suggestion. Police enters that place. Abhi asks him to reveal who made him to do it.

Sanju escapes from that place locking the room. Abhi notices Sanju phone and police plays that recording but they didn’t hear properly because phone speakers won’t work properly. Police take that phone to get the details of call log. Ranbir asks will you release Prachi. Police says yes.

Riya continuosly calls Aliya. Aliya says to Vikram that she lodged Fir for 10lakhs. Pallavi says I can’t see Ranbir in upset mode for Prachi, if Ranbir feels happy if Prachi is released than release her I will give 10lakhs. Vikram says it’s not about money, Prachi is innocent and nice girl. Pallavi asks why Ranbir is upset. Vikram says its because they are friends. Riya thinks she must inform to Aliya before forensic department trace her voice.

Aliya says Prachi is not they good. Vikram says your phone is ringing than she notices Riya missed calls and asks that happened. Riya says Sanju is confessed that he did that crime and they had his phone and your voice recording is not clear. Aliya asks where is Abhi. Riya says they went to station. Aliya says she will do something and goes to police station taking Vikram with her.