KumKum Bhagya Upcoming Story 31st August 2020 : Prachi and Ranbir share sweet moments


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The episode starts with Pragya asks Shahana about Prachi Shahana tells her that Prachi is in jail. And she starts crying. Pragya tells her to calm down and asks where Mr. Mehra was at that time. Shahana says he was there at that time. Pragya says so Mehra called Prachi there to get her arrested.

Sarita says that she is misunderstanding him. Pragya says she is getting everything right. Pragya says that money only matters to rich people and they have no value for good people. She says that Prachi helped them so much in the Maya case, yet they did so with Prachi.

There, Ranbir brings Ladoo to Prachi. Prachi starts crying after seeing this and says that she thought Ranbir was angry with her. Ranbir says that he was not angry with her, rather he felt that Prachi was angry with him. Prachi asks him why he did not pick up the phone if he was not angry. Ranbir tells that he did not get any call from Prachi.

Prachi says but she called on which Ranbir says maybe he was busy so he could not get the call. Prachi then tells Ranbir that she missed him a lot. Ranbir asks if Prachi was always upset with him then why did she miss him. Prachi gives no answer to this and falls silent.

Further, Pragya starts going to the police station to meet Prachi. Shahana says she will also go with her. Pragya says that she wants to meet Prachi alone. Pragya says that if Prachi does not go to their house and give resignation then it does not happen.

Shahana tells her that those people fired Prachi from the job. Pragya is shocked to hear this and says that they did this to prove that Prachi is a thief. Pragya then leaves to come to the police station.

Ranbir questions Prachi as to why she missed him even though she doesn’t like him. Prachi says that Ranbir has helped her every time and for this reason she no longer hates Ranbir. Prachi tells him that he is a good boy and want to tell him about her feels toward him but then Maya comes.

Maya reveals to Prachi that Ranbir had taken money to save Prachi from her, Prachi is shocked to hear this. The same time Sanju comes and brings bail papers to get his men free. There Maya fights Prachi at Rhea’s behest and a constable comes and stops her.

Prachi further feels sad to learn that Ranbir took money from Maya and she refuses to talk to him. Riya asks him to walk from there. Constable also comes there and tells them that the meeting period is over. Further Ranbir notices that the remaining two thief have been released and he goes ask about it from the policeman.

Police tell they bring bail papers thats why they are free. He says there is definitely a big man behind them who is playing this game because it is impossible to get the papers of release so soon.

Ranbir asks him if he can tell the hulia of the man who brought the bail papers. The policeman tells him and Ranbir goes out of the police station and notices the man who look like the same as police man tells him. But Rhea pretends to fall and stops him. Episode end.