KumKum Bhagya Upcoming Story 4th November 2020 : Ranbir thinks his family gives him Prachi as his surprise


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Episode starts with Ranbir says he wants Prachi in his life for lifetime and wants her to lit Diya in their house at Diwali with right as his wife. Shahana asks where she kept her brush. Prachi says let me go otherwise Shahana will tease me if she caught us. Ranbir says wait let take your SS. Prachi cuts the call when Shahana calls her again. Ranbir thinks to talk with his Dad to inform him that he wants to marry Prachi. Pallavi goes to Ranbir room and wishes him happy dusshera and apologies to Ranbir for slapping him. Ranbir says it’s ok but I don’t think to hurt you. Pallavi says I know, I can’t see your sad face so from now onwards I will do things for your happiness and love you. Ranbir says love you too and I can do anything for you. Pallavi hugs him and thinks you will choose me over Prachi when time comes. Beeji calls Pallavi so she goes out asking Ranbir to get ready. Ranbir thinks his Mom will accept Prachi for his hapiness.

Pragya prepares coffee. Saritha says if Coffee is god than they will work in good way. Pragya says everyone likes her coffee. Saritha leaves than Pragya reminsces her moments with Abhi and thinks I want Prachi to accept you as her Dad whole heartedly but you’re not understanding me.

Beeji scolds Vikram for enjoying the coffee without finishing the work and calls Pallavi. Vikram shows rings saying work is done. Beeji takes rings, Pallavi comes to them and says that she went to patchup with Ranbir for slapping him and he will be happy if he marries Rhea. Beeji says we got to know the Prachi real life. Pallavi says she will call Prachi to engagement to make her see the Ranbir engagement with Rhea. Vikram says don’t do it, Ranbir might felt hurt. Ranbir will understand in future that we did it for good. Vikram says he feels engagement on Dusshera is not good idea. Beeji says it’s good. Pallavi says it’s time to bring out Prachi reality Infront of everyone so I will invite Prachi and her mother plus Saritha too as caterer to end Prachi chapter completely. Vikram asks her to rethink. Pallavi says she did and than she calls Prachi and asks her to come to their house immediately.

Saritha scolds men for bringing less members for catering order. Prachi hurriedly leaves from home saying to Pragya that she is going to Pallavi house. Worker says they are not ready to work in their budget. Saritha gets tensed and says she have to cancel her order for the first time. Pragya asks her to relax saying they can help her. Saritha says she can’t let her work in celebration day. Pragya says we are family so let’s celebrate festival while working. Saritha feels happy and send his men to get the workers at 4. Saritha says Pallavi might felt bad if I cancelled the order. Pragya says Pallavi. Saritha says yes she requested me and I accepted it thinking they gonna be our family. Pragya thinks Abhi might be at that place ,hope he leaves for some Dusshera event otherwise it’s tough to face him.

Abhi about to leave for his event, he sees his beside seat and thinks I though you’re my everything Pragya but I’m noone to you and you didn’t even tried to stop me when I’m leaving.

Abhi cries and thinks to check Aliya car to know whether she is the one who tried to kill Pragya. Rhea happily hugs him and wishes him happy dusshera. Abhi wishes her back. Rhea asks him to won’t go anywhere saying Pallavi and her family arranges surprise for him. Abhi promises he won’t leave to anywhere. Aliya says she felt happy seeing them. Rhea goes to attend Dimpi call. Aliya wishes him happy dusshera. Abhi asks whether she gone to anywhere from factory. Aliya asks what’s the matter. Abhi goes near Aliya car and notices their no scratches. Abhi says it’s just misunderstanding and leaves in his car. Aliya thinks she got escaped luckily.

Ranbir asks Vikram to come with him talk some important matter. Pallavi says I don’t want you to talk with him anything serious on this day so go and get ready in this clothes. Ranbir asks why in these clothes. Beeji says Pallavi wants him to see like Ram and Pallavi says Beeji asked wants to see you like Krishna in janmastami. Ranbir smiles. Pallavi says today is gonna be your happy day so go and come wearing these clothes. Ranbir about to deny but Vikram says it’s ritual so he have to do it. Pallavi says he will get life time gift as your surprise.

Ranbir thinks so they might agree for my marriage with Prachi and than he sees Prachi and feels happy. Prachi smiles at him. Pallavi sends Ranbir to get ready. While going Ranbir thinks why they are not talking with Prachi after hinting to me. Prachi wishes them happy dusshera. They are silent. Prachi asks did she do any mistake. Vikram says they did mistake.