Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Story : Abhi and Pragya lost consciousness in lift


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Episode starts with Pallavi and Beeji fights infront of Mrs Choubey and Pallavi leaves. Mrs Chaubay says did your bahu insult you everyday. Beeji says Pallavi is not good so please stop this marriage and save Maya life. Mrs Chaubay says she trained Maya and she will teach Pallavi lesson after marriage and fear is not in their blood. Beeji andvpower gets shocked.

Abhi and Pragya gets shocked seeing smoke from wires sndvtget shouts for help. Prachi and others take Rahul to room. Rahul says where is Maya. Ranbir says you can’t elope with Maya easily. Prachi and Ranbir asks Rahul to confesses how much he loves Maya to make her realise their love. Rahul says he needs demo. Prachi explains it than Ranbir listens to her keenly and notes every point in his mind. Prachi asks did you get it. Ranbir sats got it than he says yeah Rahul understand your point. Prachi says all the best to Rahul and goes to bring Maya.

Prachi asks Ranbir to stay near Mr Chaubay and Dushyant to distract them so Maya can elope with Rahul. Manager asks Abhi and Pragya to give them sometime. Pragya gets worried and asks them to open. Abhi says they will open it, I’m with you so calm down. Pragya says you can’t bear this smoke like me. Abhi says nothing will happen to us because we are each others protectors in many situations. Both reminsces how they saved eachother from dangers. Abhi says we can come out of this problem too than he notices Pragya getting suffocating, he shouts them to open the door immediately. Manager says it’s never happened and asks them to give sometime. Pragya losts her consciousness. Abhi cries saying Pragya open the door ,we have to meet eachother daughters too.

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