KumKum Bhagya Upcoming Story : Abhi in a fix


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Today’s episode starts with Abhi saying to Meera that Riya wants him to marry her. Meera cries and Abhi asks her not to cry. He asks Meera to forget he came to her. Meera gets agree to marry Abhi. She says to Abhi that she can’t get another good man other than him. She says he has done many favours on her thus, she can’t refuse his marriage proposal. Riya hides and over hears Meera and Abhi’s talk. Meera gets ready to become Abhi’s wife. Abhi says he will inform Riya. Riya gets happy learning about Meera’s yes.

At hospital, Vikram tells to Bebe that Pallavi has kept a condition forth Ranbir that if he wants to see her alive, than he will have to marry Riya and forget Prachi. Bebe says lucky are the ones who get their first love. Vikram says he has always fulfilled Ranbir’s demand before he had asked him. He decides to talk with Pallavi. Vikram goes to Pallavi.

Pallavi says to Vikram that she is feeling pain. Vikram says he will call doctor. Pallavi says that Ranbir is in pain thus, she is feeling restless. She says she decodes whatever Ranbir likes so she understands his heart too. Pallavi gets adamant on her decision. She says to Vikram that once Ranbir will marry Riya than, he will forget Pallavi. There, Ranbir asks Bebe about Vikram. Bebe hugs Ranbir. Other side, Riya tells to Aliya that Meera said yes for the marriage. Aliya gets happy and says now her revenge against Pragya will complete. Riya says now Pragya and Prachi will feel the same pain which they have given to her.

Later, Prachi thinks about Abhi, Riya and Pragya. Ranbir recalls his moments with Pallavi. He sees Prachi’s missed call. Ranbir call Prachi and apologize her. Prachi asks Ranbir not to be sorry as no problem if he didn’t visit her. Ranbir tells to Prachi that Pallavi has a heart attack thus, he won’t be able to come to meet her ever. Prachi asks Ranbir to take care of Pallavi first. Ranbir cries for Prachi.

Aliya congratulates Meera. Meera asks if Abhi proposed her by his own wish. Aliya instigate Meera. Here, Abhi rethinks upon his decision of marrying Meera. He decides to discuss with Pragya. He tries to call Pragya. Meanwhile, Prachi decides to go to meet Pallavi. Abhi asks Pragya’s number from Vikram. Vikram sends him. Abhi says he was having wrong number of Pragya. He calls on the number. Pragya don’t receive the call. Abhi sends a voice note to Pragya and asks her to meet him urgently. (Episode ends)