KumKum Bhagya Upcoming Story : Aliya brainwashes Abhi against Pragya


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Episode starts with Aliya accuses Pragya saying she planned to take revenge on them. Abhi says enough. Aliya says I can’t take this condition of Rhea and she calls security. Abhi says what are you doing. Aliya says you can’t stop me and asks Security to send Pragya out. Abhi stops her. Pragya says she won’t leave because Rhea is her daughter. Aliya says you have to leave because Rhea hates you and their nothing for you here so go back and don’t involve Rhea in your revenge. Abhi raises his hand on Aliya but Pragya stops him. Aliya begs Pragya to leave from their life and accuses Pragya for Rhea Condition, you love Prachi in the way I love Rhea so leave from our life’s, she asks Pragya to go from there and give her the price of her upbringing. Abhi asks why she will go and says you have no right to say her anything because Pragya is Rhea Mom. Pragya goes from there while reminscing Aliya accusations.

Pragya walks on road lifelessly and reminsces her past moments with Rhea and Aliya accusations and she runs on road. Abhi sees Pragya is not their and he is about to goes to search her but Aliya stops him saying let’s Pragya leave from our life. Abhi says I can’t let her leave from my life. Aliya says you still care for Pragya not Rhea, if you love Rhea let Pragya and Prachi stay away from us. Abhi says I will look on how to manage Rhea, so stay away from my matters. Aliya says Pragya can know that Rhea Is your daughter because you’re famous person in news and still after knowing everything she supported Prachi not Rhea and Pragya wants to take revenge on you. Abhi asks why Pragya will take revenge on him. Aliya says she blames you for Kiara death and that’s why she wants to take revenge on you separating Rhea from you. Abhi looks on.

Ranbir says if Rhea says that if she don’t have any problem with my relationship with Prachi than their is no problem in my way. Aryan asks why will she do it. Ranbir says this is my last chance so I have to change her mind in hospital itself because it’s tough at home and he thanks Aryan and leaves to hospital. Prachi waits for Pragya arrival

Pragya gets Prachi call. Prachi asks where are you Mom. Pragya on road says Rhea Rhea. Car people scolds Pragya to walk aside, Pragya hires taxi and goes. Abhi asks Aliya to leave him alone and goes out and Aliya words rings in his head, Abhi asks security about Pragya , Security says she left. Abhi says Pragya might get hurt with Aliya words.

Cab driver asks why she is crying. Pragya sats she is going to meet her daughter after 20years. Driver asks didn’t she met her before. Pragya says she met but that time she don’t know she is her daughter. Prachi goes to search Pragya even though Saritha tries to stop her.

Rhea gets hyper and says she wants to go to home. Nurse gives her injection and says that she can go to home once she talks with doctor. Rhea goes to sleep. Pragya goes to Rhea ward and gets emotional while seeing her and reminsces her moments with Rhea. Pragya says I’m bad person to leave you alone, I know that you can’t forgive me and I can’t deserve your love but please once wake-up and scolds me so I can hear Mom words from you. Abhi on the way thinks where Pragya went? Thinks that maybe Pragya goes to inform Prachi that I’m her Dad and I will asks Prachi to call me as Dad and I will apologize to Prachi and wish to reveal everything to Prachi and wants to see her smile ,hope Pragya didn’t inform her.