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Zee TV’s popular show Kumkum Bhagya is astounding viewers with its high voltage twist and turns.
Currently in Kumkum Bhagya, Kohli’s and Prachi are plotting against Maya as they want to gain evidence against Maya so that they can stop this marriage mess.  They plan to let  Maya drunk with cannabis and confess her wrongdoings. But before they could execute their plan, Ranbir accidentally drank cannabis. And got drunk with cannabis and started dancing with Maya. This makes Prachi uncomfortable and she takes Ranbir with her.  She later scolds Ranbir for his negligence as everyone is trying their best to help him and he is so carelessly dancing with his own enemies.

Prachi then asks Ranbir if you have fallen in love with Maya.  Ranbir says that I cannot fall for her because I start loving you.  Prachi become shocked by Ranbir’s sudden love statement.  While on the other hand Pallavi gives maya juice which contains alcohol.  Maya drinks it and gets drunk. Later Pallavi calls Prachi and tells her that Maya is already drunk, now we can execute our plan.  Prachi then asks Maya to come with her.  She takes Maya with her to Ranbir’s room.  And leaves them alone.

After a while Ranbir has asked Maya why you have framed me?  I have never done anything wrong to you.  Maya then says, you are right you did nothing wrong but I did all of this  for my own benefits and now if you will do not marry me, I will file a case against your family.  Prachi on the other hand makeing the confession video as a proof against Maya.

Here Alia does not want Prachi’s plan to succeed, that’s why she steals Prachi’s phone and delete that video.  Later, when Pallavi asks Prachi to show her the video, she could not find it.  They feels that Choubey has deleted that video.  While Alia’s son is suspicious of his mother because despite this much, Alia had no wrinkles on her face.  Later he has  asked her, have you deleted the video.  Alia says, why would I do that, Ranbir is like my own son. Alia then starts faking her emotions in front of her son. He then feels guilty and apologize for doubting his mother.

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On the other hand Prachi being rude with Ranbir , then Sahana asks her what’s wrong with you why you treating him like this. But Prachi don’t wants to tell Sahana truth as she thinks if my family will know about Ranbir’s love confession then they will get me and Ranbir married.

But Ranbir does not like Prachi’s behavior and comes to her house and asks that my proposal is bothering you.  And if so, I promise you that I will never force you.  So stop behaving like this. Because when you don’t talk to me it hurts me a lot.  Prachi then feels relieved as Ranbir is under no pressure.  She then thanks Ranbir for understanding her situation as she cannot decide love so fast. And she says, okay i from now on i will never stop talking to you.

Will Prachi and Ranbir be able to bring Maya’s sins to everyone, Will Prachi be able to save Ranbir from this marriage.
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