Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Story : Ashok points gun at Abhi


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Episode starts with Dadi asks Pandit to check Abhi kundli. Pandit says I will see it tomorrow because night time it’s not advisable to see Kundli and he goes. Aliya says meet guests and make it happy day. Dida asks what she wants to know about Abhi. Dadi says I’m worried for Abhi safety thats why want to know his future. Ashok enters to engagement function as server to kill Abhi. Aryan asks why you send your selfie with Rhea to Prachi? What’s the need to hurt her. Ranbir says im not hurting anyone. Aryan says he still feels Prachi is hiding something. Ranbir says I realised that Prachi is double standard girl and she didn’t even scolded the person who make her MMS and she supported that person that’s itself showing her nature.

Aryan says leave about everything why can’t you fight for your love? You’re agreeing that you lost while sending your photo with Rhea. Ranbir says Its my victory and I’m showing her that I’m happy with Rhea and that Prachi won’t value me. Aryan says you love Prachi not Rhea. Ranbir says Prachi hurted me and Rhea is the one who loves me than think what’s important. Aryan says Prachi because she loves you and Rhea didn’t even started loving you, now tell me what’s more important? To hurt person who loves you or concern of Rhea? You have to marry the person you love otherwise it will be contract. Ranbir says he don’t want one sided love. Aryan asks whether you’re talking about yourself or Prachi because this is not one sided. Ranbir about to leave saying he don’t know than Aryan asks him if he can’t see the love in Prachi eyes for him. Ranbir sees Ashok going upstairs and he stops him and sends him to kitchen. Aryan tries to convince Ranbir but he won’t listen anything and asks him to end the discussion and tells him that he will do what he is planning to do.

Ashok slowly enters upstairs. Shahana enters the party and she takes Ranbir aside. Aryan follows them and asks what happened. Shahana says know it from Ranbir, I thought he is angry but when he send the photo to Prachi than I realised that he is moving on in his life. Ranbir asks if Prachi send her to break his engagement. Shahana nods no. Ranbir says than no need to talk and he leaves. Shahana says he is your brother right? Why can’t you stop him. Aryan says I tried but it’s not happening. Shahana says we have to unite Ranbir with Prachi. Aryan says Prachi is with Parth and she confessed herself to Ranbir than what can we do. Shahana says Prachi is lying, I can’t reveal more but help me to cancel this engagement. Aryan promise her that he will do and he asks her to meet him in the first floor second room.egere he brings Ranbir. Someone hears their plan. Aliya tells to Aryan that Ranbir fell down in bathroom and she takes his phone and sends him to room than she locks the room and reminsces how she heard his plan with Shahana. Abhi notices how Aliya locked Aryan in bathroom. Aliya tells to Abhi that they are playing game, go to Gayathri and don’t spoil our game. Abhi agrees.

Ranbir thinks about Shahana words while drinking wine than he calls Prachi and questions why you send Shahana to cancel my engagement? I won’t let you do it so forget your hope. Prachi says I don’t want to cancel your engagement. Ranbir says get it that I left from your life. Prachi says it’s good that you’re moving far from me. Ranbir cuts call asking her to won’t send anyone to stop me and he wipes his tears. Prachi and Ranbir feels bad while reminscing their moments. Server tells to Ranbir that his Mom Is calling him for engagement. Ranbir says he is coming and wipes his tears.

Aliya says today friends are becoming family and she asks Ranbir and Rhea to stage. Ranbir goes while thinking Prachi words. Shahana searches Aryan. Abhi plays with chandlier. Gayathri asks him to wear stole. Abhi says he don’t want to come inside. Gayathri goes to get him stole. Ashok points gun at Abhi.