KumKum Bhagya Upcoming Story : Fake Inspector rescues Digvijay men from real inspector


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Episode starts with Contestable informs to Inspector that someone is following them. Inspector says he will tighten security after going to station and he takes them inside and makes them meet with his family. Inspector Mom says Sangeet is going to special with special guests. Inspector asks his mom to give good room to them. His mom says guest room is already set . Inspector takes them to room and tells them to stay at their place and asks his wife or Mom help if they needs anything. Pragya asks if they founds who’s behind Abhi. Inspector says no. Abhi asks until when they needs to stay at their place. Inspector says till tonight and he about to leaves to station but stops noticing Abhi attending call.

Purab makes Saritha ji and Dadi talks with Pragya and Abhi. Pragya and Abhi fights while talking, Pragya asks why they are in tension. Purab says their are inauspicious events at home that’s why these two are worried. Abhi says everything is fine so stop worrying. Dadi asks why didn’t they reach to home. Abhi says you guys surrounds Pragya if we came to home that’s why we are enjoying at hotel. Dadi scolds him. Abhi informs them that they will reach to home in next day morning. Inspector throws Abhi phone saying they may track your phone too, I can’t risk my family so switches off your phone and he asks them to enjoy at Sangeet. Dadi and Saritha ji feels happy. Servant informs them that Pandit came. Purab asks why they called him. Dadi says to know about Abhi and Pragya kundli.

Pandit checks Pragya kundli and says they need to do jap. Aliya says Pandit ji just needs money that’s why telling about these Jap. Dadi asks Aliya to stay away from it and apologies to Pandit and asks what they needs to do. Pandit says he needs to call few more Pandits than Dadi and Saritha gets tensed seeing sudden atmosphere changes. Pandit says Pragya kundli is not good and next 12hours are crucial and she may loss her life too that’s why we need to do this Jap.

Inspector Mom tells to Abhi that no need to lock door because this police house a d she gives Samosa to Abhi and Pragya and invites them for Sangeet. Pragya says they don’t have clothes. Inspector Mom says she will arrange clothes and leaves. Abhi says she spoiled our romance by stopping us to lock the door and he tries to kiss Pragya but she escapes with trick. Abhi acts like he is angry. Pragya asks how can she make him normal. Abhi asks her to kiss him than Aunty enters with clothes and takes Abhi with her asking Pragya to get ready.

Commissioner calls Inspector and praises him for his work and asks them to don’t stop the vehicle in the middle until they reach station. Goon smiles and says my men will take me for sure, leave me here if you want to live. Someone throws pins in the way. Inspector wife gives jewellery to Pragya. Inspector vehicle tires got punchered. Inspector notices pins on road and they get alerted, Hitman attacks them with his gun. Inspector and Contestables bravely caughts him.

Another police jeep reaches to them and shoots the Real Inspector and rescues Digvijay’s goons. Fake inspector wife praises Pragya. Pragya asks why she us praising. Inspector wife says your husband is expressing how much he loves you without any fear and you’re so lucky to have him. Pragya smiles.