Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Story: Mr Choubay accuses Ranbir family of demanding dowry


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Episode starts with Prachi asks Ayan to keep an eye on Rahul and asks him to get his details. Maya asks what are you going here. Rahul says I came here for shopping and I know we will meet here, can we have coffee from upstairs coffee shop.  Maya gets her dad call. Rahul asks her to attend the call. Maya says not an important call.

Prachi goes near Ranbir and Pallabi, she notices they are sad and asks them what happened. Pallavi and Beeji reveals how they thought to buy Shagun saree for her thinking they are in real love and leaves from that place saying Ranbir didn’t inform them before that’s it’s trap to escape from Maya. Prachi looks angrily at Ranbir. He says I managed it.

Prachi points Ranbir towards Rahul and Maya and asks him about his opinion about them. Ranbir notices only Rahul and says he feels they are in love. Prachi says yes and that girl also loves him. Ranbir misunderstood her point and reminsces his moments vwuth Prachi. Later he notices Maya with Rahul and asks are you talking about them. Prachi says yes, they love eachother, it’s visible in their face. Ranbir asks how you know they love eachother. Prachi asks him to notice their body language and explain it to him. Ranbir can’t take off his eyes from Prachi and he lost in her talks.

Prachi asks are you getting what am I saying. Ranbir says he is getting and ask her to tell again. Prachi says Maya and Rahul still loves eachother and she is not serious in this marriage. Ranbir says how Maya told him to move on and how serious she is about marriage. Prachi says it’s magic of love and noone can forget their first love. Ranbir says you’re talking like you’re in love. Prachi says we give medical advice that doesn’t mean we are doctors so focus on Maya. Ranbir says I want to believe your words but I don’t feel so. Prachi asks him to follow her so she can prove it.

Mr Chaubay stops Ranbir and asks why he is not shopping for Sangeet. Ranbir says I’m thinking about other things seriously. Beeji and Pallavi comes to Ranbir and asks him to come with them because shopping is over and Beeji asks Mr Chaubay to pay the bill. Mr Chaubay says he will only pay for Ranbir. Beeji says you are the one who said shopping from girls side.

Mr Chaubay says are you asking for dowry in this way. Everyone gets shocked. Mr Chaubay says dowry Is crime and can I lodge fir on you for it. Beeji and Pallavi says when they asked dowry. Mrs Chaubay asks what happened. Mr Chaubay explain her how  they are asking him money and explains he is against dowry. Other customer roots for him after hearing his speech. Pallavi and Beeji says he is accusing them unnecessarily. Mr Chaubay says you guys asked for indirect dowry and I will send you guys jail. Prachi stops him saying Beeji and Pallavi didn’t even said Dowry word and asks him to prove it. Mr Chaubay says so you want to teach me. Prachi says you’re accusing them unnecessarily just for your elections promotion. Maya says mind your language Prachi.