Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Story: Police interrogates Ranbir and Prachi


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Episode starts with Ranbir gets tensed hearing police vehicle sound and informs Aryan that Maya committed suicide. Aryan suggest him to leave from that place immediately. Ranbir agrees and about to leave but than thinks about Prachi.

Pragya notices some bad signs and gets worried for Prachi and calls her to know about her whereabouts and asks Prachi to return home immediately. Prachi agrees after noticing Pragya tension. Prachi thinks to inform it to Ranbir that she is leaving but Gets interrupted by Si Nandita. Dimpi informs Maya suicide news to Rhea but she won’t get any reply.

SI Nandita takes Prachi with her and Ranbir goes to her room and calls her. Prachi asks what happened. Nandita says you’re culprit if Maya murder. Prachi says Maya us alive and she never think to suicide. Nandita says she strong but you forced her for suicide. Ranbir gets pallavi call but he ends her call saying he will contact her later. Sharma reaches to Ranbir.

Praya notices thufan news and tries to call Prachi. Nandita takes Prachi with her to show Maya if she is alive. Sharma questions Ranbir that why he and Prachi instigated Maya for Suicide. Ranbir says they are innocent. Sharma says because of this love triangle, Maya committed suicide. Ranbir says Maya is alive and I will call her. Sharma says her phone is with me. Ranbir gets shocked.

Nandita brings Prachi to dead body and ask her to check. Prachi notices engagement ring of Maya and gets shocked saying she’s Maya. Nandita says I know it and never say Maya is alive. Ranbir says I need my lawyer. Sharma says it’s India not America, here first interrogation will happen with police and why you betrayed Maya. Ranbir says I never want to marry Maya. Sharma asks him to confess his crime but Ranbir asks him to take him bto police station. Sharma says it’s curfew because of typhoon, I can’t take you to police station.

Sharma informs his higher official that murder news is true. Aryan calls Ranbir and asks what happened. Ranbir informs him that police caught him. Aryan gets worried for Prachi and Ranbir. Aryan calls to Abhi to inform about Ranbir and Prachi are arrested in murder case but Meera attends Abhi call.

Meera calls Dimpi and asks her to keep phone on speaker and informs Rhea that police arrested Ranbir and Prachi for Maya murder. Nandita compel Prachi to agree her crime.