KumKum Bhagya Upcoming Story : Prachi meets Pallavi


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Episode starts with Saritha says all relations can’t be same like Prachi understand you but Rhea couldn’t understand even after you explained her that why she is angry at you but she loves you and understand you very soon, did you talk with Mr Mehra. Pragya says no. Saritha says I know what happened at that place and Mr Mehra loves you and you’re lucky to get him. Pragya sats my daughter Prachi also lucky to have a Ranbir who loves her immensely.

Saritha says first your and Mehra‚Äôs Jodi shall be set so marry him again than your daughter’s can have their parents. Pragya sats yes to remove hate from Rhea heart, we must get united and I need his help too. Sarita asks her to call him. Pragya happily hugs her saying she is fulfill her mom place. Pragya goes to get phone from room. Shahana says you’re showing wrong dreams to aunty, I feel Mr Mehra won’t love her that’s why he couldn’t call her. Sarita sats he will propose her directly for marriage. Shahana sats hope it happens Like you said.

Prachi goes to hospital and sees Ranbir. Both reminsces their moments with eachother. Ranbir wipes his tears and emotionally hugs Prachi.

Prachi makes him sit and assures him saying everything will be fine very soon. Ranbir says nothing will be fine because everything is changed with this heart attack and I became helpless. Prachi asks him to do what his Mom wants him to do. Ranbir says other one is important part in my life. Prachi is their is noone important than our Mom so promise to follow your Mom. Ranbir says you’re not understanding than Vikram comes to them. Prachi goes to meet Pallavi. Vikram sends Ranbir to handle the situation. Beeji sees Prachi and reminsces incident happened at their home. Prachi asks Beeji permission to meet Pallavi. Beeji allows her. Prachi goes inside. Ranbir asks Dida why you allowed Prachi. Beeji asks him to manage it. Prachi asks how’s her health. Pallavi asks who allow her inside. Ranbir goes to them.

Pragya gets Abhi voice message saying meet him at hotel. Pragya thinks why he looks worried? Than she calls to that number but it won’t get connected.

Mitali brings Raj downstairs. Dadi asks what happened. Mitali says Aliya will reveal important news. Dadi feels happy seeing Rhea and tells everyone that Pragya and Prachi went to release Rhea from police station and they loves you Rhea. Rhea says I don’t have anyone. Meera asks why Aliya called her. Aliya says it’s related to you, Abhi and Pragya that’s why I called you. Pragya checks landline number in diary. Aliya says Dadi it’s not Pragya but Bhai have bail to Rhea. Rhea says Pragya just need her pain.

Dadi says she is misunderstanding. Pragya calls to Landline, Murali attends it but Aliya Keeps the phone aside and tells to everyone that Abhi is going to get married to Meera and congrats Meera. Mitali and Rhea happily hugs Meera. Pragya gets shocked on line. Dadi says this house bahu is Pragya and Meera understand the fact that Abhi can’t happy with this marriage. Dadi asks where is Abhi? Aliya says Abhi is the one who took this decision and I know you want to reunite Pragya with Abhi but it won’t happen Meera used to take care of Rhea from childhood and now she will become her Mom and we have to perform this marriage in grandway. Pragya breaksdown in her room.

Abhi says Pragya saved me many times and thus time too she have solution for my problem. Vikram calls Abhi and asks him to attend the meeting saying he can’t attend meeting because of Pallavi heart surgery. Abhi asks him to tell the hospital name. Vikram asks him to attend meeting and won’t tell name than Abhi calls Beeji and gets to know the hospital name.

Prachi says I felt tensed after knowing your condition that’s why I came to meet you. From back Ranbir begs his Mom to don’t say anything. Pallavi holds Ranbir hand and tries to remove his ring saying it’s looks so cheap. Pallavi tries to taunt Prachi but Vikram comes inside with Doctor and asks Ranbir to take Prachi outside. Pallavi looks on. Abhi send another message to Pragya saying he will meet her lately because now he is going to meet Pallavi at hospital.