Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Story: Prachi to confess her love to Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya

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Zee TV Popular show Kumkum Bhagya is attracting viewers with an interesting storyline. currently, Pallavi warns Rhea has glued the audience to the screens.

As reported earlier, Ranbir asks Pallavi why she lied about Laddoo. Pallavi says lied to make Prachi eat. Ranbir asks Pallavi for forgiveness. Pallavi says she has learned her lesson from her mistakes. Pallavi asks Ranbir to forgive her.

Ranbir and Pallavi hug each other and Pallavi tells him to go to Prachi. Rhea sees this and thinks whether she is acting or is this real. After Ranbir goes away. Pallavi calls Rhea and warns her to not keep an eye on her she doesn’t like it.
Ranbir comes and asks what is going on. Aryan proposes to play a game of Truth and Dare. Mili kissed Aryan in her dare.

Shahana tells she doesn’t have a boyfriend in truth. Aryan in truth says his first girlfriend is in college and she doesn’t know that I love her. Ranbir asks if she still loves him. Prachi doesn’t answer and because of sudden rain, they stop the game. Mili asks where is her room. Shahana takes Mili with her saying she can stay in her room. Prachi leaves.

Ranbir leaves behind Prachi managing Aryan. Aryan sees Rhea in tears. Ranbir and Prachi share a moment. He kisses her cheek. Prachi gets shocked.

Aryan asks Rhea why she looks worried. Rhea says you congratulated Prachi and danced for her but not for me even though I’m married and pregnant. Aryan feels happy and congratulates her. He tells her he wished her first if he knows it. Rhea says no one is happy.

Aryan asks her to tell him everything so he can help her. Rhea in tears tells him she is the wife of Ranbir like Prachi and carrying his baby.
In the upcoming episode, viewers going to witness Prachi will say the game is not going on here. Ranbir will say you can lie in game, but not here. He asks do you love me even now.

Prachi will tell him yes. He will feel happy and hugs her. Later Prachi cries and says I was moving towards Ranbir which is wrong as he is my sister’s husband, I can’t come between them.

Rhea and Pallavi will hear and get happy. Prachi will tell Shahana that she shall leave the house. Pallavi will get shocked.

Why does Prachi ask Ranbir to divorce Rhea?

What’s the reason behind Rhea instigating Aryan?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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