KumKum Bhagya Upcoming Story: Prachi wants to teach Rhea a lesson

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The episode starts with Rhea’s friend complimenting her saying that she looks very nice. She tells Rhea that she has arranged some Prachi’s posters with thief written on it. She says everyone will rip her. Rhea says she will kick her not only from college, but from Delhi. Her friend says she will. Rhea says that she has to go and see dad, last night he was upset, so I have to convince him. Her friend asks her what she shall do there. Rhea asks her to think how to trouble Prachi more. She talks to Aaliya and tells her that she will convince dad.

On the other hand Abhi talks to Purab and asks where the man is. Purab says he will come. The man comes. Abhi tells Aaliya that he is from Security agency and came to take the footage of our CCTV camera. Aaliya and Rhea get shocked. Abhi asks him to bring the CD and says that he wants to see who kept the necklace in Prachi’s purse. He asks Purab if he called Police. Purab says yes. Rhea gets afraid.

Abhi asks the man about his name. He says he is Mahesh. Abhi asks if he is honest and if he has ever stolen. Mahesh says no. Abhi says he wants that the person who is doing everything to know how it feels when someone is blamed for no reason. Rhea tells Aaliya that she will tell Dad. Aaliya asks her to calm down. Rhea says everyone will get to know the truth.

Rhea’s friends are spreading rumors and have pasted Prachi’s pictures with “chor” (thief) written on it. They cook up fake stories against Prachi. Prachi and Shahana come to college. They see the posters. Shahana says I will scratch his face. Prachi asks Shahana to take the posters out. Rhea’s friends say that there is no use of it since everyone knows who the thief is.

Prachi and Shahana take the posters out. Rhea’s friend asks them what a speed and asks them to go everywhere and get all the posters. Shahana asks Prachi to come and says that they will tear all posters. They all laugh.

Purab tells Abhi that he has to go to office since Vikram is getting mad. Abhi asks Mahesh if he will know the culprit in one hour. Mahesh says that since he needs all footage, it will be done by evening. Mahesh goes to get chip.

Aaliya asks Rhea not to look scared. Rhea says she is the culprit. Aaliya says you are not culprit until you are proved guilty. Rhea says she doesn’t know why dad is so desperate. Aaliya says he fails to understand why he is so protective about her. Rhea says why Prachi came from Hoshiarpur to my college. She adds that her dad never scolded her and wonders if Abhi will get her arrested when he comes to know that he had kept the necklace in Prachi’s pocket. She says that she did just what Aaliya asked her to do. Aaliya asks her to relax and calm down. She says she will go and see Mahesh, before he sees her. Rhea’s friend hears them and asks her if she is the real thief. Rhea asks her to shut up and come to college.

Aaliya thinks she should have thought about this before, and thinks to delay Mahesh’s work. She comes to Mahesh and asks him to go to kitchen and see the CCTV there. She asks about the chip in his hand. He tells that it is footage chip. Aaliya tricks him and exchanges the chip. She thinks she shall tell Rhea and hide this chip. Mahesh comes back and tells that it is not easy to fool a technician, and tells that his chip is smaller than hers. He says he made my work easy and told who the thief is. Aaliya asks him to help her and threatens him. Mahesh says she is in danger now.

Bee ji tells Tai ji that she is going to temple for pooja. She tells that she will take Abhi with her. Tai ji asks if Abhi will come.Mitali comes and says driver came. Bee ji says Abhi will take her. Abhi says he has some important work. Bee ji emotionally blackmails him. Abhi says he will come with her. Bee ji hugs him. Abhi helps Bee ji to get up. Mitali asks Tai ji why Bee ji winked her eyes. Tai ji tells her that she is fine and acted so that Abhi comes with her. She tells that today is 11th Purnima and Bee Ji prays for Abhi and Pragya’s union. She says God hears old age people and kids prayers. Mitali wonders what if Abhi and Pragyawill meet today.

Rhea and her friend reach college. Rocky and Shaina ask why she came late and says she should have seen Prachi and Shahana’sfaces. Rhea says they torn the posters and says that she liked it. Rocky tells that they theynt to clean the campus and says that she have taken revenge from her. Rhea says it started just now and adds that she won’t stop until she kicks Prachi out. Rocky asks where she brought her evil ideas from. Rhea says she is born with it. Prachi and Shahana hear them.

Shahana tells Prachi that she will scold Rhea she will not stop until they cut her nose. She says she will slap her hard. Prachi stops her. Shahana says this is her problem and asks if she is seeing goodness in her evilness and saysRohit came home in Hoshiarpursince she was silent. Prachi says she is not stopping her but asking her to wait for the right time. She says she will reply her but in her way. She says she doesn’t want revenge but want to teach her a lesson so that she get to rise her hand infront of her. She promisesShahana that she will teach Rhea a lesson before college ends.

Abhi asks Bee ji to hold the thaali. Bee ji asks what happened to his muscles. Abhi asks her to understand and says everyone will think that he came here for pooja. He then asks her why she is having difficulty to walk with her right leg. Bee ji asks him to come and says they are getting late. Abhi asks her to answers and says she had said that she had pain in her left leg. Bee ji says she acted in front of him and says she will do this whenever she will have to bring him to temple.

Abhi understands she was doing emotional blackmail. Bee ji says it was not British’s torture. Abhi says her lie is caught. Bee ji says he will come with her to temple but won’t come inside. Abhi says he does her darshan, then why to do the temple darshan. She says she will get upset like Rhea and it is fun to cheer her up. He says she is cute. Bee ji says you are cuter. She asks why she bring him here for every Purnima. Abhi says so that she can romance with him and tells to do darshan. Bee ji says she prays that God shall bring Pragya back in his life. She tells that she is feeling like she will go today or tomorrow and tells that her last days will be passed with her care.

Abhi says he doesn’t need her. Bee ji tells that life is lived, when there is a life partner. He tells that he is staying with her since 20 years. Bee ji says you have not lived, but just passed the life. Abhi says Rhea is with him. Bee ji says that Rhea will get marry and will leave, but when he will get untheyll then Pragya can take care of him. Abhi says he will drop yherhome and asks her to do puja. He thinks she made him atheist again and he has no place for Pragya or God.

Pragya is on the way. Auto stops at the temple. She gets down from the auto and thinks to pray for Prachi. Bee ji asks Panditji until when she has to come and asks when God will hear me. Panditji says may be God will hear you first and asks her to ask from heart. Pragya climbs the stairs. Abhi gets Vikram’s call. Vikram tells that he is stressed and tells that the rockstar is refusing to sing for them. Abhi says I will make a new rockstar.

Bee ji prays to God and asks him to make her Abhi meet Pragya and end the 20 years old vanvas. Abhi is still talking to Vikram. Bee ji prays asking God to make Abhi and Pragya unite and thinks he is alone, and his family can be completed by Pragya only. She says Rhea needs her mother and Abhi needs his wife. She asks God to unite Ram and Sita.Abhi’s hand touches a woman’s thaali by mistake and the sindoor falls on Pragya’s forehead from the plate. He is about to look at Pragya. Woman scolds him for coming to temple every Purnima and then standing out. Abhi says sorry to Pragya, and don’t see her.

Woman asks Abhi to bring water for Pragya. Abhi walks past her, says sorry and says nice saree. Pragya clears her specs and tries to look at him. She thinks it is his voice. “Mere naamtu” plays. Abhi tries to get water, but couldn’t get it. Woman gives handkerchief to Pragya and asks her to clean her face. Pragya cleans her face. Woman says kumkum is on her forehead still. Pragya says she will clean it. Bee ji is still praying. Pragya senses him and thinks he is not here.

Ranbir flirts with a girl and asks for her phone number. Prachi looks at him. Ranbir moves back while talking to her and collides with Prachi. Prachi scolds him. Ranbir says I am not a doctor, but can tell that anger is on her nose. He asks her to leave anger. Prachi asks him to become serious in life and asks why he flirts with girls. Ranbir says all girls have different qualities. Prachi asks him to be serious for studies. Ranbir tells that he is not here to hear her lecture and asks if she gives lecture to lecturer. Prachi calls him flirt. Ranbir says he is not a flirt and he is the only one to know that she is not a thief. Prachi looks on.

Ranbir tells that guts and evil mind are needed for theft but she doesn’t have it. Prachi calls him a flirt and says he was flirting with those girls. Ranbir says he feels good when they come to me. He says she is not his type. Prachi says he is not her type as well and leaves. Ranbir and Prachi turn and look at each other.

Episode ends

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