KumKum Bhagya Upcoming Story : Pragya gets shocked knowing Riya is reason behind Prachi problems


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Episode starts with Ranbir asks Pragya about Prachi. Pragya says bleeding is more and her matching blood is not available. Ranbir says he will talk with them. Nurse gets the blood. Doctor says if Prachi couldn’t get conscious even after giving blood than we have to inform her family that she might go to Coma.

Ranbir wakesup driver throwing water. Nilesh gets conscious and asks them to leave him. Ranbir asks why you did Prachi accident. Nilesh says he didn’t than Ranbir says he is witness and asks him to tell who’s behind this accident plan. Pragya gets Doctor call saying Prachi got Donor for blood.

Pragya feels happy and Informs it to Ranbir. Pragya sends Aryan and Ranbir to outside and asks him to tell who planned her daughter accident giving her Gold chain to him in tears. Nilesh says he couldn’t remember. Pragya says how will you react if same thing happens to your daughter? Understand my situation and tell me, Prachi faced so many difficulties in this city, she tried to leave this city but I stopped her for future, I will give you more money so please tell me about who are planned this accident so I can save my daughter.

Nilesh says that the accident was planned and he don’t want to do it but he did it for his Mom’s treatment and I know everything happened to Prachi. He says he will tell the truth. Pragya asks who is the special client? Nilesh says Rhea Mehra. Pragya is shocked. Nilesh reveals Riya is the reason for Prachi’s every problem and asks Pragya to check his call details and messages to believe him. Pragya checks its Riya number and gets startled.

Pragya walks away while reminiscing her moments with Riya and reminsces how Riya came to her house last night and apologies to her than Pragya asks her to come I side. Riya says I can’t because I’m drunk. Pragya says I won’t judge you and take you inside. Both spends good time. Pragya asks why you drank so much alcohol. Riya says I’m disturbed. Pragya asks why. Riya says Dad said to bring anything for me. Pragya asks than why you disturbed.

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