Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Story : Rahul denies to break Maya marriage


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Episode starts with Pragya asks Prachi to tell what’s bothering her. prachi tells her that Maya is not loving Ranbir and she just wants to move on from her previous relationship and don’t want Ranbir to leave her like Rahul. Pragya says I understand but why you tensed. Prachi says I want to help Ranbir but I don’t know how, what if he again struck in problem. Pragya says birds tried to build their home but it fell down many times but they won’t leave it until they finish it like that you have to help Ranbir until he is out of his problem. Prachi praises her mom for increasing her strength and she goes to get ready.

Maya asks mom did you remember Rahul. Mrs Chaubay says he is not good, didn’t you remember how he left without informing you anything, we may take this Rishta to forward but it didn’t happen, you have to forget that kind of guy. Why you remember him suddenly. Maya signs no.

Aryan along with Prachi,Ranbir and Shahana goes to Rahul place. Ranbir asks Aryan to make car ready, if anything goes wrong than they can leave quickly and he asks Shahana to stay in car. Prachi says we have to get to know if Rahul is still loves Maya or not. Aryan and Shahana fights with eachother. Ranbir and Prachi goes to Rahul and introduce themselves as Maya friends. Rahul receives them and asks for their purpose of visit. Ranbir asks did you meet Maya. Rahul says yes but we didn’t talk properly because of her dad. Prachi asks why. Rahul reveals how Maya dad warns to ruin his life if he continues his affair with Maya but he didn’t take his warnings seriously than Mr Chaubay frame Rahul dad in bribery case and put him jail and he reveals how he is staying with his friends to escape from Mr Chaubay. Ranbir asks whether Maya knows all these things. Rahul says I wish but she don’t know anything, I love her like my family and never cheated on her.

Rahul says how can I help you guys. Prachi says Maya marriage is happening please inform her that you love her than she will break her marriage to stay with you so you can get your love. Rahul says why will I break her marriage and he throws them out.

Ranbir admires Prachi while walking. Shahana asks what happened. Ranbir says that Rahul didn’t accepted. Ranbir and Prachi informs about their plan to families. Pragya says plan is risky but marriage won’t happen with warnings it happens because of God and love. Shanaha says how will we know. Pragya reminsces her moments with Abhi and says true love will make us feel it without proposal. Sarita says we have to help him. Pragya thinks Ranbir and Prachi will be united if he truly loves Prachi. Pallavi and Vikram fights funnily while discussing about plan for Maya. Pallavi says I wish Rahul enters Sangeet venue than Maya will break this Shaadi. Ranbir thinks I wish it happens like mom said than my marriage will happen with Prachi.