KumKum Bhagya Upcoming Story : Ranbir gets shocked seeing Maya is back to venue

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Episode starts with Prachi reads out letter. Ranbir and his family start their drama like they are sad. Beeji over reacts than Shahaha slowly informs Pallavi that they make Maya run from here. Pallavi informs to Beeji. Dushyant apologies to them and promises Ranbir to search Maya everywhere and gets her married to him. Ranbir says he can’t marry the girl who loves another guy.

Dushyant says than let’s cancel the marriage. Maya family members apologies to everyone and leave. Ranbir and his family celebrates. Pallavi asks whose idea is thus, Shahana says it’s Prachi idea. Pallavi hugs her and Ranbir thinks to make Prachi realises his love. Than everyone gets shocked seeing Maya is back with her family to venue.
Sarita says she is getting more orders and thinks Pragya is her lucky charm and waits for Pragya arrival.

Dushyant announces Maya is back. Ranbir says I have your letter that you ran away. Maya tears the letter and says she went to get the chunri. Prachi thinks where Rahul went leaving Maya. Dushyant asks Prachi why you wrote this letter. Prachi says she didn’t. Mr Chaubay and Dushyant says it’s your last warning. Prachi says letter is written by Maya. Dushyant tries to warn her but Ranbir comes in-between them and asks him to respect Prachi to get the respect from them.

Maya asks him to leave saying they are best friends so he cares for her and once we gets married than he will take care of me. Dushyant says my girl is good and asks them to start the Sangeet. Everyone dances unwillingly. Prachi thinks how her plan gets failed. Shahana asks what to do. Prachi leaves. Maya thinks you never get how story changed. Ranbir goes behind Prachi. She says what happened to Rahul.

Ranbir says we gave to go to Rahul place to know the matter. Prachi says let’s leave tomorrow, now I have to go to home. Shahana says it’s just Sangeet not Marriage. Prachi asks Ranbir to take care himself and leaves. Alia notices Ranbir admiring Prachi.
Aliya and Sarita Ben tell Prachi and Rhea respectively about Abhi and Pragya being admitted in hospital. At hospital nurse informs doctor that she informed to their families.

Doctor asks him to observe them taking proper care. Prachi and Riya reaches to hospital with their families. Pragya gains conscious and asks nurse about Abhi. Nurse shows Abhi. Pragya asks how is her. Nurse informs how he got set once her hand touches him and goes to inform the doctor that Pragya gains her conscious.

Pragya reminsces their moments in Lift and cries saying you still worries for me like before and asks him to wake up. Rhea reaches to room and opens the door and gets shocked.

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