Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Story : Riya gets to know Ranbir will do anything for Abhi


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Episode starts with Prachi thinks why Ranbir didn’t attend his calls than thinks to avoid Ranbir once he calls her back. Ranbir asks Abhi about his health. Abhi says he is fine. Vikram takes coffee from Riya but Abhi says every first thing from Riya belongs to him and haves it and praises the tase. Vikram goes to attend Sharma call. Abhi asks Ranbir to sit and asks Ranbir to not marry because of Maya family pressure and assures him that he will help him. Ranbir says he nothing and leaves. Abhi says Coffee us good. Riya says thank you.

Ranbir checks his mobile is switched off and once he turns it on he notices Prachi missed call and calls her, she scolds him for avoiding her calls. Ranbir says why are fighting with me like my girlfriend. Prachi says you lost it, don’t talk in this way because I don’t like it and why you switched off your Mobile. Ranbir days he dont know how it happened and asks her why she called him. Prachi says they reached safely to home and they discuss about their Plan to meet Rahul at his home and then both wishes good night. Shahaha teases Prachi.

Ranbir says what are you doing here in my room. Riya says I’m waiting for you ,why can’t you take dad help to solve Maya issue. Ranbir says I don’t want chief to get strucked in problems because of me, I know he will go to any level to clear my problem. Riya says I used think how your string connection happened with dad. Ranbir says it’s connection of heart and I never want him to face problems because of me. Riya says than how you come out from Maya problem. Ranbir says he will think about other plan. Riya says you love dad so much, will you agree for anything dad said. Ranbir says yes because Cheif words are like command to me. Riya happily leaves saying good night to him.

Next day Prachi and Ranbir fights with eachother in car than they notice Rahul beside their car. Maya says to Rahul that she loved him so much and won’t Betray him. Rahul runs seeing Prachi and Ranbir. Maya thinks why Rahul cut her call. Ranbir and Prachi follows him to his house and threatens Rahul to reveal the truth. Rahul reveals that Maya wants money and my love that why she came back to venue with plan. Ranbir asks what’s Maya plan. Rahul says Maya will marry you and than she will divorce you showing your video with Prachi. Rahul asks Ranbir to maintain the distance with Maya in their first night. Ranbir says marriage won’t happen and you have to come with me and reveal Maya trapping plan to her family.

Rahul sprays pepper spray and leaves saying he is leaving the town. Ranbir says how will he handle divorcee image. Prachi says your marriage didn’t happen so don’t think about divorce. Ranbir says don’t become my teacher yar.

Prachi says don’t say that. Ranbir asks why you don’t Like Yaar word. Prachi says it’s word between lovers. Ranbir laughs loudly and says it’s words used between best friends and explains her about love. She lost in his words.