Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist 14th July 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Nalini says Prachi is accepting the crime and we must take confession. Sharma agrees and asks her to take Ranbir confession. Prachi says Ranbir don’t spoil your life. Ranvir says you’re my responsibility, I need to take you out from this case. Dushyant informs Maya that police interrogation happening in their rooms, Maya reminces how she scared to jump from building and how Dushyant stopped her from suicide and assures her marriage with Ranbir. Dushyant says our plan is going in good way and Ranbir will be yours.

Prachi questions Sharma why you’re arresting him when I’m confessing the crime. Sharma stops her  and he asks Nalini to take the sign of Ranbir. Dushyant asks Maya how you came up with idea of commiting suicide. Maya reveals how Aliya suggested her to kill Prachi or kill herself. Dushyant says it’s her trap to clear you from Ranbir life for Rhea.  Maya says leave her, now Prachi in our trap and she will go to jail. Dushyant says once Sharma get her statement, i will make sure she got death punishment and after that you will come out of hiding and you know what you have to tell others after you show yourself.

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Sarita goes to hotel. Sharna takes Ranbir sign on confession and asks them to meet eachother. Prachi and Ranbir in tears. Meera get to know that Ranbir accepted the crime. Pallavi watches Maya death news bulletin on tv. Meera requests Abhi to save Ranbir. Maya feels hungry and goes to get food.

Sarita notices Maya is alive and follows her while she is taking food to her room. Meera calls Dimpi and asks her to not inform Rhea that Ranbir confessed the crime. Dimpi agrees. Sarita tries to call Pragya but she doent answer than she calls Shahana and informs her that Maya is alive and asks her suggestion to trap Maya. Shahana asks her to make Maya unconscious and take her from that place.

Nalini asks Prachi to leave. Prachi asks Nalini permission to meet Ranbir, because he didn’t do anything. Nalini says if he is innocent and accepting the crime than it means he loves you. Prachi thinks I won’t let anything happens to you.

Maya calls Dushyant and asks him about updates of case. Dushyant says I will tell you after talking with Sharma, now he is Infront of me, Sharma informs him that Ranbir confessed that he is behind murder. Dushyant and Maya gets shocked. Maya says bade papa j asked you to unite us but you seperated him from me. Dushyant says I will do something, it didn’t reached to court. Maya cuts the call saying iwant to be alone. Prachi calls Sarita and asks her to give phone to Pragya. Sarita says even I tried but her phone is not reaching Nd here Maya is alive. Prachi says how it happens I saw her ring. Sarita says I saw her face , she cuts call after seeing Maya coming out from room and she makes her unconscious.

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